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Nigeria and Venezuela to begin direct flights

T.I Ukende
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Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Amb. Oludare Awoniyi, has said that both countries are in talks to establish direct Air link to foster trade relations between Africa and South America.

Awoniyi made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) yesterday in Caracas.

He noted that presently, it takes an exhausting 40 hours of travel across both continents for a journey that should take only eight hours.

The Ambassador said that the Air link will not only be beneficial to Nigeria and Venezuela, but also other countries of Africa, South America and the world in general.

He said both countries would serve as transit hub for travellers, thereby, boosting their economies.

“Right now, we have to travel about 40 hours to get here through Turkish Airlines and we are thinking of the possibilities of linking Nigeria with Venezuela direct.

“Caracas to Lagos, Abuja and maybe a city like Maracaibo here so that we have two stops in Nigeria and two stops in Venezuela to bring our people closer.”

“The distance is particularly important because the air travel does not necessarily in itself generate much income for nations, but it does generate the links to do business.

“You can now ship and link goods and products after meetings and agreements. You can now use ships to move goods in mass because airlines cannot meet the quantities.

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