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Pi Network Issues Urgent Call to Action: Complete KYC Before December 12th

Terfa Ukende
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The Pi Network development team has issued an urgent call to all users who have not yet completed their Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. In a recent announcement, the team emphasized the importance of completing KYC as soon as possible, stating that users who fail to do so by December 12th risk being excluded from the Mainnet migration.

The Mainnet migration is a crucial step for the Pi Network, as it will allow users to transfer and use their Pi tokens within the Pi ecosystem. However, only users who have completed KYC will be eligible to participate in this migration.

Here’s what the development team urges users to do:

1. Adjust your profile: Ensure all information in your Pi mining application profile is accurate and consistent, as this information will be used for KYC verification.

2. Check secure connections: Verify that your Gmail, Facebook, and phone number are securely linked to your Pi account.

3. Complete Level 2 identification: Quickly complete Level 2 identification, which involves confirming your location.

4. Watch for Section 8 to turn green: After December 12th, applications waiting to be moved to Mainnet will have their Section 8 turn green. This indicates that your KYC verification is complete and your application is ready for Mainnet migration.

Failure to complete KYC by December 12th could result in the following:

  • Exclusion from the Mainnet migration: You will not be able to transfer or use your Pi tokens within the Pi ecosystem.
  • Loss of Pi tokens: Your Pi tokens may be forfeited if you do not complete KYC within the specified timeframe.

The Pi Network development team encourages all users to take immediate action and complete their KYC verification before the deadline.

This urgent call to action highlights the importance of KYC for the Pi Network and its future development. By completing KYC, users not only ensure their eligibility for the Mainnet migration but also contribute to the overall security and integrity of the Pi Network ecosystem. Read More

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