Pi Network: KYC Remains a Major Hurdle to Mainnet Launch

Pi Network, the pioneering cryptocurrency project, recently provided an update on the progress of its Know Your Customer (KYC) process, shedding light on the challenges faced and outlining the path forward for its users. In a blog post dated December 6, Pi Network detailed the enhancements made to the KYC process, outlining the steps taken […]

Deadline Approaching: Claim Your Omega Network’s $OMN Tokens Now

As we near the deadline for claiming unclaimed coins on our Claim Website, we urge all eligible users to take immediate action to secure their rightful tokens. With the deadline fast approaching, it is imperative that users act swiftly to ensure they do not miss out on claiming their $OMN tokens. After June 1st, the […]

Nepal Orders Ban on Crypto Websites; Impact on Pi Network Pioneers

In a recent development, Nepal has reportedly issued an order to ban access to websites related to cryptocurrencies, affecting Pi Network miners, also known as pioneers. This decision has sparked concerns among the crypto community in Nepal, particularly among those who have been actively mining Pi on the network. The ban on cryptocurrency-related websites is […]

Pi Network: Core Team To Consider Three Priorities For KYC Solution

As the launch of Pi Network‘s Mainnet approaches, the Core Team is actively addressing the crucial issue of Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. With a significant number of pioneers yet to receive KYC invitations, concerns have arisen regarding the fate of their mined PiCoins, which risk being burned in accordance with the project’s white paper […]

Just In: SidraBank Initiates Network Upgrades for Enhanced Infrastructure and Mass KYC Access

In a recent announcement via X (formerly Twitter), the SidraBank team has revealed that network upgrades are currently underway. The team expressed their commitment to enhancing the platform’s infrastructure to provide users with an improved banking experience. These upgrades come in anticipation of the upcoming mass KYC (Know Your Customer) access to Sidra Chain, a […]

Countdown To Pi Network Day: Speculating On Possible Surprises From Pi Core Team

As the countdown to Pi Network Day (PiDay) progresses, anticipation mounts within the Pi Network community regarding potential surprises the Pi Core Team may unveil. While only official announcements can confirm the actual plans, enthusiasts eagerly speculate on what surprises may lie in store. Here are some possibilities that Pioneers and enthusiasts can look forward […]

Pi Network Empowers Pioneers for Mainnet Migration with Expanded DIY KYC Access

In a pioneering move towards decentralization, the Pi Network has been making waves since the launch of its open-for-all KYC (Know Your Customer) application process on Pi Day, March 14th, 2023. With a remarkable 5.6 million Pioneers successfully passing KYC, the network is now urging all participants to complete this vital step as they gear […]

Pi Network Dev Team Resolves KYC Concerns Ahead of Mainnet Launch

In a significant stride toward the much-anticipated mainnet launch, the Pi Network development team has announced the successful resolution of a crucial issue related to KYC (Know Your Customer) feedback. This proactive move underscores the team’s commitment to addressing user concerns and ensuring a seamless experience for pioneers as the main network launch approaches. Proactive […]

Pi Network User Raises Concerns Over Mined Coins and Limited Availability

A PI NETWORK user has come forward with concerns regarding their mined Pi coins, shedding light on what appears to be a complex situation with limited coin availability. The user reports that despite passing KYC in June 2022, only a fraction of their mined Pi coins has made its way to their wallet, leaving them […]

SidraBank Acknowledges Delay in P2P KYC Implementation for Post Mainnet Transactions

In a recent announcement, the SidraBank team has admitted to a delay in the implementation of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions on their post-mainnet platform. The delay, attributed to unforeseen technical challenges and a surge in user activity, has prompted the bank to reassess its timeline for the full deployment of […]

SidraBank Announces Major Milestones with KYC, P2P, and Face Tracking Integration

In a significant move towards enhancing user security and accessibility, SidraBank’s development team took to Twitter to announce the successful integration of Know Your Customer (KYC), peer-to-peer (P2P) functionality, and face tracking features. The tweet, posted earlier today, indicated the completion of these key components as part of the platform’s ongoing development. The SidraBank team […]

Transforming Unverified Mined Pi Into Transferable Mainnet Rewards

Pi Network, the innovative blockchain project with a vision of creating a decentralized and inclusive digital currency, has captivated millions of users worldwide. At the heart of Pi Network is the ability to mine Pi, its native currency, using a mobile app. Users are rewarded with unverified mined Pi as estimated bonuses for their efforts […]