Pi Network Coin Vs Coinbase Native Token: Unraveling the Clash for Crypto Supremacy

Cryptocurrencies have surged in popularity, with numerous projects vying for dominance in the market. Among these contenders, two notable digital currencies, Pi Network Coin and Coinbase Native Token, have captured significant attention. In this comparative analysis, we delve into the features, objectives, and potential of both Pi Network Coin and Coinbase Native Token, shedding light […]

P2P Traders On Binance Embrace Pi Network For USDT Purchases Ahead Of Rumored Mainnet Launch

P2P traders on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance have embraced Pi Network as a means to buy USDT (Tether). Pi Network, currently in its development stage, has been gaining attention among crypto enthusiasts. Rumors are now circulating that Pi Network’s highly anticipated open Mainnet launch could take place on June 28th, 2023. Notably, Binance had […]

Pi Network Unveils Top 5 Strategies To Outperform Market After Mainnet Launch Amid Bitcoin And Ethereum’s Bullish Season

Pi Network Token Price Predicted

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two leading cryptocurrencies, are gearing up for what appears to be a promising bullish season ahead. As market sentiments turn optimistic, investors and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the mainnet launch of the Pi Network, a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem. Rumors suggest that the highly anticipated launch is scheduled for June 28th, 2023. […]

Delays In Pi Network’s Open Mainnet Launch Attributed To Low Number Of KYCed Participants

KYC Bug Fixing

The anticipated open mainnet launch of the Pi Network, a decentralized cryptocurrency project, is facing potential delays due to a notable shortage of participants who have completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. Initially setting high expectations for its open mainnet launch, the Pi Network now grapples with the challenge of limited individuals having […]

Pi Network Token (PI) Sparks Excitement Among Cardano (ADA) Investors

A groundbreaking token known as Pi (Pi Network) is causing ripples in the cryptocurrency market, particularly among Cardano (ADA) investors, as it emerges as a promising asset with innovative potential. Priced at $31, Pi Network is capturing the attention of investors drawn to its unique approach to leveraging artificial intelligence (A.I.) for revolutionizing trading strategies. […]

Top 10 Crypto Trading Tricks for Sidrabank Users: Navigating the World of Islamic Finance

As the cryptocurrency market continues to gain traction globally, users of Sidrabank, a pioneering project aiming to create decentralized digital assets compliant with Islamic financial principles or Shariah laws, are seeking effective strategies to optimize their trading experience. To assist Sidrabank users in navigating this dynamic landscape, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 […]

Pi Network: Speculations Surrounding March 2024 for Open Mainnet Launch

As anticipation mounts for the long-awaited open mainnet launch of Pi Network, speculations are rife about the potential date, with many eyes turning towards March 14th, 2024. While the Pi Core Team has remained tight-lipped about the exact launch date, several factors suggest why March 14th could be a significant choice. March 14th holds special […]

Bitboy Crypto Discovers Potential $208 Million Cryptocurrency in Pi Network

Bitboy Crypto, a prominent cryptocurrency expert and YouTuber, recently made waves in the crypto community by claiming to have uncovered a cryptocurrency within the Pi Network valued at a staggering $208 million. While the revelation has sparked intrigue and speculation, there remains uncertainty surrounding the specifics of this discovery. In a recent video, Bitboy Crypto […]

Pi (Pi Network) Price Declines by -15.85% Amid Surge in Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem TVL

Pi Network Token's IOU

In a stark contrast of fortunes, the Pi coin, the native cryptocurrency of the Pi Network, experienced a significant decline of -15.85% in its price, while the total value locked (TVL) in Cardano’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem surged by 20%. As reported by CoinMarketCap, the price of Pi coin plummeted to $31.04, marking a notable […]

Pi Network: Justin Sun Defies Core Team’s Delisting Request, Ignites Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, Justin Sun, the prominent figure behind TRON and a key member of Huobi, has chosen to disregard the Pi Network Core Team’s call for exchanges to delist the Pi token. Sun’s defiance has sparked controversy within the crypto community, raising questions about his motives and intentions. The conflict began […]

Atlantis Exchange Predicts Pi Network’s Price May Soar to $150k in Six Weeks

In a surprising turn of events, the Atlantis Exchange platform has sparked fervent speculation by suggesting that the price of Pi, the native cryptocurrency of the Pi Network, could skyrocket to an astonishing $150,000 within the next six weeks. This bold prediction has captured the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike, prompting discussions about […]

Pi Network Ranks 8th Among Top 10 Crypto Projects on Twitter in 2024

Pi Network, a cryptocurrency project aiming to simplify crypto accessibility, has recently garnered significant attention on social media platforms, leading to its ranking as the eighth cryptocurrency project with the most Twitter followers in 2024. Despite operating within its closed mainnet, Pi Network has managed to capture the interest of crypto enthusiasts, joining the ranks […]

Token Insight Provides Insights into Pi Network’s Negative Rating in 2023

Token Insight, a leading blockchain analytics firm, has shed light on the reasons behind Pi Network’s negative rating issued last year. The rating breakdown, encompassing various aspects of the project, offers valuable insights into the challenges facing Pi Network and its impact on investor sentiment. 2/ Rating Breakdown • Underlying Technology & Security 36.7%• Roadmap […]

Core Team’s Response to Unauthorized Pi Listings Upholds Network Integrity

In the wake of unauthorized listings of PiCoin on several cryptocurrency exchanges, the Core Team behind Pi Network has taken swift action to denounce these listings and protect the integrity of the Pi ecosystem. On December 29th of the previous year, Huobi Global Exchange, XT Exchange, Hotcoin, and CoinW were among the platforms that purportedly […]