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INSECURITY: Bandits now using Radio Frequency Transceivers (walkie talkies) to communicate in Katsina

T.I Ukende
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Bandits operating in Katsina State now use radio frequency transceivers (walkie talkies) to communicate with each other. 

The gunmen also killed 213 victims from July to October 2021 during 153 operations in different parts of the state during the same period. 

State government secretary Alhaji Inuwa Mohammad revealed it in Katsina on Thursday during a press conference to take stock of the government security containment order issued by Governor Aminu Masari, With less than two months to deal with security concerns in the state. 

Inuwa said that while the containment order has been effective, bandits and other criminal elements operating in the state have developed new methods to escape it. 

He revealed that the bandits are now attacking motorists and motorcyclists, who take fuel from their gas tanks, and also coerce the villagers to buy fuel for them (the bandits). 

He added that even whistleblowers were not helping matters. The SSG argued that the security guards were nevertheless up to the task of dealing with the criminals. He said: 

“A recent and more disturbing decision by criminals is the observed acquisition of radio frequency walkie-talkie transceivers by the bandits they have started using. 

Security agencies are on their trail, however to put an end to the crime.

Mohammed further revealed that 153 cases of bandit attacks were observed in the state from July to October 2021, killing 213 and injuring 115 of the kidnapped. 

He also revealed that 2,023 cows, 452 sheep, 279 goats and 13 donkeys were kidnapped by criminals during in the period.

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