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Tech experts partnering to create Metaverse; at each stage there’s collaboration

These are exciting times for those who are waiting for the metaverse era to start because numerous projects are getting ready to go live in the upcoming year. It will be interesting to watch which of the numerous competing visions and conceptions ultimately wins over the general audience.

However, many Coindesk readers find the cutting-edge technologies that metaverses will be based on to be just as fascinating. It is obvious that these ambitious projects will require the cooperation of visionaries from a wide range of tech domains, including the Web3 and digital asset spheres, if they are to create immersive, parallel-life experiences where people can accomplish whatever they do in the real world and then some.

Who then collaborates to get a metaverse from its conceptual stage to a dynamic virtual reality? Let’s examine this by using the joint venture Translucia as an example, one of the most fascinating metaverse pioneers.

Project Translucia

The Thai media business T&B Media Global, which has produced a number of successful TV and film projects in a variety of genres, is the founding partner of Translucia. The innovation division of the company set the goal of creating a platform on which an endless number of interconnected metaverses will coexist. The common thread among these metaverses is their promise to inject creativity, optimism, happiness, and success into the digital representations of real-world experiences.

But it’s also about emphasizing well-being by ensuring that the more harmful behaviors that have come to be linked with social networks do not become a characteristic of Translucia’s metaverses. It’s about generating living and lifestyle experiences that until now have only existed in dreams.

A real-world real estate developer’s perspective

The property developer MQDC is a joint venture partner of T&B Media Global. You might be perplexed that a company dealing in real-world real estate would be involved in a metaverse project, but MQDC’s participation makes perfect sense: Who better to collaborate with than a company that has experience creating such projects in the real world if Translucia’s metaverses are to offer an authentic yet improved version of places where people live, work, and play?

First Technology partners

The joint venture partners have been proactive from the start in looking for collaborations with Web3 and crypto-native companies that have the know-how to turn the Translucia vision into reality.

Its first action was to collaborate with two Australian IT companies, Pellar Technology and Two Bulls, in order to run a Metaverse Research and Development Center using an investment of $100 million from T&B. (MRDC). Teams are addressing issues at the core of Translucia’s goal here, such as how to create a blockchain with low energy usage and what guiding principles for game design would best assure a positive and fulfilling environment.

Translucia enlisted four significant partners to develop the project’s visual and financial aspects once the MRDC was established.

Specialists in aesthetics and immersion

Sunovatech, a company situated in New Delhi, has agreed to take on the task of making the 3D environments and assets for Translucia. Since it brings a team with over 650 stunning 3D visualization and VR projects under its belt, it is a perfect fit for Translucia’s mission. These projects offer flawless, breath-taking renderings with a variety of aesthetics, from real-world cityscapes to richly imagined cinematic worlds. When it comes to leveraging Unreal Engine to make virtual objects realistic, the company is at the top of its game.

China’s Black Flame is Translucia’s other key visual collaborator. The company has worked on a variety of blockbuster animations, including the successes “Ne Zha” and “The Monkey King 2,” and has a wealth of experience in fabricating plausible and artistically spectacular alternate realms. Black Flame will lend its artistic talents to the creation of Translucia’s surroundings, assets, and avatars.

Partners to build a metaverse economy

Crypto investors will be familiar with Sygnum. It was the world’s first-ever digital assets bank, and it pioneered a custodial infrastructure that has set a host of standards for digital asset management. Sygnum’s Singapore division will be responsible for masterminding Translucia’s financial architecture, and so we can anticipate the platform will be the most sophisticated and secure in terms of users’ ability to acquire and store the crypto and tokens that they will use to build prosperous virtual lives.

The Singapore-based Economics Design will design the cutting-edge tokenomics and coin system that will give Translucia’s virtual residents unrivaled opportunities to buy and sell assets as they create their ideal digital lifestyles, while Sygnum will lay the solid financial groundwork for the economy of Translucia. The company’s activities will also include creating a DeFi infrastructure and the Web3 and GameFi projects that will support the entertainment possibilities of Translucia metaverses.

As you can see, large-scale metaverse initiatives like Translucia are being developed through collaborations between businesses from a variety of industries, including the media sector, real estate, blockchain, digital assets, 3D and 2D graphic design, and software development. And this is only the start. Translucia will be trying to expand its crew both before and after introducing its infinite universe concept in January.

Written by T.I Ukende

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