Ethereum Co-founder and frontman Vitalik Buterin wants Elon Musk to relocate Twitter’s headquarters to Switzerland

What appears to be some kind of dragging between Noah Smith and Vitalik Buterin. Noah Smith had earlier tweeted “he would want Elon Musk to relocate Twitter’s headquarters to Oakland. In response, Ethereum co-founder and frontman Vitalik Buterin tweeted that he has long thought Switzerland should be home to Twitter’s headquarters.

It’s probable that Jack Dorsey’s intense interest in Bitcoin even before the introduction of BTC and ETH tipping capabilities led Vitalik to consider the microblogging platform to be a “crypto business” in his mind.

The DOGE army is now anticipating that Musk would include Dogecoin as a payment and/or tipping option on Twitter after he finalized the Twitter purchase transaction.

It is possible that Vitalik had Zug in Switzerland, known as the world’s “Crypto Valley.”

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