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What makes Green Satoshi token unique from the Core DAO token

Green Satoshi Token is the game token of STEPN, a Web 3.0 lifestyle software that features gamification design and engaging social features. As the first move-to-earn NFT game, STEPN rewards players with GST tokens for moving around the outside while sporting NFT Sneakers and walking, jogging, and running. Additionally, gamers can level up and mint new Sneakers with GST tokens, and they can sell or rent their NFT sneakers on the app’s marketplace.

The project’s objectives are to familiarize people with the idea of Web 3.0 and to inspire people around the world to live healthy, active lifestyles. Green Satoshi Token serves as the game’s currency, and Green Metaverse Token serves as the platform’s governance token. The STEPN platform was initially powered by Solana. It uses a dual-token mechanism.

What distinguishes the Green Satoshi Token from Core DAO?

By adding social and community features into their product, the STEPN team hopes to achieve a breakthrough and give lovers of an active lifestyle the chance to profit from their love of running with bitcoin.

Green Satoshi differs from Core Satoshi because they are separate cryptocurrency initiatives with distinct goals and purposes. Furthermore, Core DAO is not an NFT, while Green Satoshi is.

The Move-to-Earn (move2earn or M2E) principle is the foundation of STEPN. The project entered the Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track in 2021 and won first place as the only mobile NFT game to do so. The judges were drawn to STEPN and gave it their seal of approval because of the way the game was designed, the user-friendly interface, and the integrated facilities like the Wallet & Marketplace.

Uniqueness of the GST

  • GST serves as an in-game money and a substitute for experience points in the STEPN ecosystem. GST is required on mint NFT Sneakers, upgrades, and repairs. When users walk in Solo mode or Background mode, GST can be earned.
  • The STEPN app is used by players to collect GST, and walking, running, and walking modes all provide tokens. Renting out their NFTs to platform users or new players is another way that investors can make GST.
  • Additionally, GST tokens can be given in exchange for Carbon Removal Credit on the blockchain, promoting the idea of carbon neutrality in the fight against global warming and helping to save the environment.
  • GST is an inflationary token with a 10,000,000 coin total supply and no set maximum supply. The GST token is automatically destroyed after use to lower the supply. The following situations involve burning (destroying) specifically: shoe-minting, mending pairs of shoes, leveling up NFT-Sneakers, adding gems or gem upgrades, opening up new sockets, and resetting Sneaker characteristics.

Solana powers the move2earn mobile NFT game STEPN and its utility token GST. A novel integration of Proof-of-History (PoH) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus procedures is the foundation of the Solana network’s security. PoS serves as a monitoring tool for PoH processes whereas PoH is the primary part of the protocol that handles the majority of network transactions, documenting successful operations and the interval between them.

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