MEXC Exchange to list VNN (VINU Network) and open trading for the VNN/USDT trading pair

MEXC Exchange has announced it will list VNN, the native token of the VINU Network in the innovation zone and also open trading for the VNN/USDT trading pair.

The platform already has deposit and withdrawal functions for the token, and on January 29 trading for the VNN/USDT pair will go live, according to an announcement by MEXC.

Source: A screenshot of the announcement from MEXC

MEXC however, warn users to be cautious of projects listed in the innovation zone in that the price may move greatly for projects in the Innovation Zone.

What is VINU Network?

The VINU Network is a real economy metaverse built around real-world franchises. It has a complex network of hundreds of unmanned chains and stores around Asia and Europe, and these stores will connect with others in the VINU SPACE, the VINU Network’s own metaverse, enabling users to claim ownership and operating rights to these businesses with little to no initial investment.

Total Supply: 2 billion VNN

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