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What is the idea behind The Rug Game (TRG) and how does it work?

The rug game’s main governance token, TRG, will continue to exist beyond the current 10-letter game and all upcoming games.

The Rug Game or TRG is a very special game from the CultDAO. Users will burn CULT tokens, induce greed and aggression into the game and jump into the dopamine-seeking reward loop.

Concept of the Rug Game (TRG)

A typical ERC 20 token is TRG. The game serves as a platform for the public to vent their FOMO. Users might use it as a forum to express their animosity. Being a part of the same team all the time is boring, in the developers’ opinion. Users can now engage in conflict and speculation.

Everyone’s indifference has an antidote and a cure in The Rug Game. They want to move away from supporting con artists that might con us. We may all play on an equal playing field instead. Playing has both risks and rewards; you could win or lose.

What are the Rug Game’s Rules?

Ten tokens are used in this game. The Rug Game is represented by the letters T, H, E, R, U, G*, G, A, M, and E*, respectively. Additionally, there are future airdrop plans for holders of the tokens dCULT, uRLVT, and The Rug Game.

For game token transactions, there is a 4% fee, of which 1% goes to the burn wallet. Another 1% will go for CULT burning and buyback. On the other hand, 1% is used to buy and burn the TRG token, which is used for game governance. Finally, 1% of the contract is held in ETH.

Rounds of The Rug Game can span anywhere between 30 and 60 days. The lowest-scoring token will be eliminated according to the amount of burnouts in each round. Rug will have the lowest LP pool score. The other communities will each add 1% ETH to the highest game score. Play this game at your own peril as it is fundamentally unexpected and dangerous! There are now 2 main methods for increasing the tokens’ score. The first is the expansion of trading activity. Bribes come in second.

In The Rug Game, what do bribes mean?

In the Rug Game, there is a function called Bribe. I suppose it sounds quite similar to a situation in the actual world. Players can use TRG or CULT tokens to influence the DAO. In exchange, they can raise the value of their gaming tokens’ scores. The amount of tokens spent on the bribe will increase the player’s score by 150%.

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