Unbelievable: This huge Truck run-over him and he survived? The secrets behind this magic trick is finally revealed

Magicians aren’t the ones to shy away from danger and the most dangerous magic trick will totally leave you shocked. Magic could be dangerous even though it is an act of skill and illusion.

We’re going to uncover the secret of one of the world’s riskiest magic tricks ever.

 ⁃ Run over by a truck illusion: Yes you heard it right and if you find it hard to believe then I’m happy to show you.

A few decades ago, Penn and Teller, two well-known magicians, even made the list of the 50th finest magic trick ever. The Truck in Action is a big truck with the words “Do not try it at home” written clearly on its tank.

The performance start with Teller laying flat on him back under the huge tires of the truck while the other performer does the easiest task by driving the truck. The show got intense from the moment the big tires rolled over Teller but what do we see? Teller is not crushed and comes out perfectly okay.

What’s The Secrete?

As we all know, magicians never divulge their tricks, but in this instance, they do so publicly. Several people could have assumed that the truck was phony or perhaps made of cake, but it wasn’t since it was actually a genuine truck, and the trick was entirely related to it.

How was the truck manipulated?

The side of the truck teller was laying was weightless because the truck weight was shifted completely from the other side to the far side of the tires and this allowed the truck to be weightless on the side teller was laying and the tires on teller side were light tires that couldn’t hurt him, it was made to be lifted in a manipulated way to move over teller’s body without putting any weight on her. There is no magic here . Only laws of physics properly applied by the duos

Watch the trick in the video below 👇🏿

Priscilla O. Anthony

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