Pi Network: The reality of Pi Network launch (An honest discussion)

Observers and critics alike wait to see when the pi network becomes a reality as the days grow into weeks and the weeks evolve into months.

Many people think that dribbling has gotten out of hand, yet as the months went into years, people kept waiting, believing, and urging people to join the race.

The big Question is , will pioneers ever get the financial freedom they waited for through the pi Network? will their dreams come through? will the pi network ever take off and create millionaires?

Can we ever exchange the pi network for another cryptocurrency without turning into an IOU? Many people are now beginning to wonder whether being hopeful is appropriate in light of the fact that these are questions that can only be answered once the Open Network is launched.

Pi Network has undergone numerous great developments that can only result in success, and they are still ongoing. All we can do is wait; while hope may not be enough, criticism won’t help either, and the Pi Network has a good chance of opening soon hopefully as we received updates from the Core Team.

Despite a delay in the open mainnet’s release, the Pi project is still the most highly anticipated cryptocurrency project in Blockchain history. The Core Team is creating utilities to support this great vision because they want Pi Network to dominate the cryptocurrency market and have a fully autonomous network.

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