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The World’s Greatest Magic tricks finally exposed

Abigail Ukende
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The most impressive aspect of magic is that it is the only honest profession in the world where a magician makes a promise to trick everyone before really pulling it off, but a free mind always fights to see beyond because there is a sense of amazement.

The amazing prediction feat was performed by merc specman, who is well-known for his mr. X persona and who competed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 all the way to the finals.

He initially presents Simeon with an item in an envelope along with a deck of motivational phrases and instructs Simon to choose one at random and remember what it says. He would proceed to ask David to put a bookmark in the center of the book twice after giving Amanda, Alicia, and David each a book of motivational quotes and handing David a copy of his own book, the stench.

He instructs Amanda and Alicia to hold up the book and take turns looking through it. Simon then reads aloud the final letter of the word “heart” that is written in his card and corresponds with her daughter’s drawings in the envelope he was given. Later, he plays a pre-recorded video for everyone. In that pre-recorded video, after Alicia said she was thinking of Gandhi to surprise everyone, her daughter responded to Gandhi.

The image of John Linen, the same author Amanda also revealed from her book, is then exposed when Merc rearranges the parts of his Gandhi artwork. How was this anticipated?

The Secret

The judges were forced to make all of their decisions about the act. Let’s start by examining Simeon’s decision. Instead of letting Simeon choose at random as Merc had led us to believe, he placed the chosen firmly in his hands. How? That was a forced selection trick rather than a free card. He first slices the cards, which creates a pinky split between the cards he wants and the rest of the deck, in order to force the card at the top of the deck.

Pinky break is a trick used by card magicians, so he uses it and hides it from everyone, making it appear normal at first. He then begins fanning the card and waits for Simeon to signal to stop, thinking he’ll give him a random card at this point, but instead, he cuts the deck so that his preferred card is now at the top. This means that no matter where Simeon asks him to stop, the magician will always give him the card underneath the deck, and this is how Merc forced Simeon to reveal the word heart that matches her daughter’s drawings

The Book Part

How did he predict the correct personality of Gandhi and John linen?  

The only book that was ready before to the deception was the one he gave to David; otherwise, Amanda and Alicia would have known that it was a ruse as they had it for a considerable amount of time and mark had found the precise book, Gandhi and Linen, in Amanda and Alicia’s books before the trick.

But how did he force them to pick the exact page? 

The Mr. Stink book that he presented to David contains the trick; all of the words on the pages were spoken just for this trick. This is why he used a bookmark: after David placed the bookmark, Merc used it to block the other page so nobody could see both page numbers at the same time. In that book, all the pages on the left were printed as pages 106, while all the pages on the right were printed as pages 155. Gandhi and linen were finally made available to the public, shocking everyone.

Watch the video below to understand more 👇🏿

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