JUST IN: 6 new functionality features added on SWIFIN TRANSACT for fiat conversion

Amidst the enforcement and implementation of the ECO-6 Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), swifin has just added new functionality features on its TRANSACT platform. The new functions suggest easy conversion to fiat currencies or even crypto investment and lending. Some of the noticable functionality features that has just been added are: Loan DPS (Deposit Plus Schemes) […]

How to login to Swiffin platform today, tips for beneficiaries

There is no doubt that the Swiffin digital platform have had it very rough for the past six months. Login into Swiffin at the moment is practically not possible. This however has caused a lot of criticism and mistrust for the platform by its users across the continent. How to login on the Swiffin platform […]

How to withdraw ECO-6 Lumi currency in Nigeria and convert to Naira easily

What remains the only huddle or an unanswered question that every Lumi stimulus beneficiary is asking is “how Lumi currency can be withdrawn and converted to fiat currency.” On several occasions, we have tried to come up with solutions that we thought could help solve this problem, little did we know that Africans would rather […]

CRYPTO: Lumi and Bitcoin currently trading above Dollar and Pound

On Thursday morning the price of the most valuable crypto by market value was around $20.5K and ECO-6 Lumi trading at N7,320, as it stayed above the key support level for 3 consecutive days. Before a late weekend surge, Bitcoin had dropped below the psychologically significant milestone the previous week. On the other hand, the […]

How to login to the new upgraded Swiffin account and view Lumi balance

The swiffin platform has given an important notice on its community portal on how users and lumi currency stimulus beneficiaries can access their accounts and view balances and perform certain transactions. Finally, after a long break lumi currency beneficiaries can login to their swiffin accounts and view balances. The African Diaspora Sixth Region (ECO-6) and […]

BREAKING: Ghana selected to host ECO-6 headquarters in the ECOWAS Sub-Region

The Economic Community of the Sixth African Region (ECO-6) has announced it’s plans to establish Headquarters in the ECOWAS Sub-Region in Accra, Ghana. Timothy McPherson announced this when he visited Ghana’s Minister for Business Development, Hon. Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Awal in the Accra, Ghana, recently. McPherson expressed that it will be easier for Ghana who […]

Update: Key highlights of the Lumi Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM)

Beneficiaries of the Eco-6 Lumi stimulus were excited to have heard the long expected news that came when almost all the hope was lost. For the past one year, beneficiaries of the Lumi stimulus out of patient lamented over the inability to convert, withdraw or even trade with the Lumi currency. In spite of the […]

Should Lumi beneficiaries still keep their hope alive?

The ECO-6 Region rolled out a stimulus package for the extremely poor or vulnerable Africans who can barely survive on less than a dollar a day with the aim to alleviate poverty across the Continental Africa. The Programme which began in the year 2020 with the first disbursement of 6.26 Lumi (AKL) paid on the […]

ECO-6 LUMI Stimulus; portal now opened for a $100 grant per person per month for 3 years

The African Union (AU) adopted the treaty establishing the ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF THE STATES, TERRITORIES AND REALMS OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA SIXTH REGION on 1st August 2019. Many suggested that the headquarters of the 6th Region be in Kingston City, Jamaica. However, the argument settled on siting the ECO-6’s headquarters in the village of the […]

ECO-6: Authorities Finally revealed when Lumi currency withdrawal may commence

The Economic Community of the 6th African Region had over the past one and a half years embarked on an empowerment program, with the aim of eradicating poverty in the African Region. The LUMI grant, according to McPherson who is the head of the African Diaspora Central Bank will be paid via the Swifin platform […]

SWIFIN partners Ecobank; Plan deposits and withdrawals of Lumi Currency

Swifin is a financial technology company born out of a revolutionary idea that real time settlement and reconciliation of financial transactions should be possible and accessible to everyone no matter where they are.  Swifin is so far the only platform distributing the LUMI currency stimulus in Africa. The collaboration with Eco Bank with plans to […]