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Lumi Update: Swiffin has added new “EXCHANGE” feature on its platform ahead of the planned Lumi withdrawal

The Swiffin digital platform has added a new feature on its community platform for users and lumi beneficiaries to make daily profits from cryptocurrency.

The new feature called “EXCHANGE” is for crypto traders to invest and also convert cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, dash DASH and Litecoin on the home page of the community portal.

Swiffin users now have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency and even withdraw their Investment within 24 hours. The company’s integration of a blockchain technology is another plus to Lumi beneficiaries as this may also help in the swapping of the CBDC’s digital currency to the permission-less crypto assets.

With the evolution of cryptographic assets through the Blockchain technology, even Central Bank Digital Currencies can be more secured and monitored, and transactions performed through the platform can be more transparent, seamless and in real-time.

An exchange feature added on the swiffin home page for crypto investment

The Swiffin as a company has been unstable for past seven months trying to technically fix it. This could be as a result of the over two million users they’ve recorded through the Lumi stimulus registration.

Is it safe to buy cryptocurrencies on Swiffin?

There are no testimonies of successful cryptographic transactions via the Swiffin digital platform, and as such, this could be too early to make recommendations. Although, the company has highlighted some key importance of buying cryptos from it’s platform. We can not possibly make judgement concerning swiffin at this early stage of implementing crypto EXCHANGE on its digital platform.

Can Lumi be converted to cryptocurrency through the EXCHANGE feature?

Neither the Swiffin management nor the ECO-6 authorities have authorized the exchange or conversion of the Lumi currency to any crypto yet. Although, we may be optimistic that this becomes possible in the near future.



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