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How to withdraw ECO-6 Lumi currency in Nigeria and convert to Naira easily

What remains the only huddle or an unanswered question that every Lumi stimulus beneficiary is asking is “how Lumi currency can be withdrawn and converted to fiat currency.”

On several occasions, we have tried to come up with solutions that we thought could help solve this problem, little did we know that Africans would rather see us as scammers, so we had no option than to let go our alternative.

The huddle with ECO-6 Lumi and it’s only solution

New currencies, most especially digital currencies do not get accepted easily. Even new denominations of an existing currency would not just be accepted in the market especially on its first appearance. The government or the issuing Central Bank must first sensitize the people, advertise the new denomination on almost all media platforms available to get it recognized by the people.[irp posts=”1006″ name=”LUMI WITHDRAWAL: Africa Royal Bank’s MD Mr. Martin Wiseman unveiled Lumi exchange App”]

This is the challenge with the ECO-6 Lumi currency today. Beneficiaries must first believe in the Lumi stimulus. They ought to appreciate the move by the ECO-6 and refrain from tagging it a Scam without any justification.

The officials of the Region (ECO-6) have gone round and are still moving round the Continent offering aids to governments and institutions with the sole aim of having Lumi accepted or integrated in the economies of those countries.

How to withdraw or convert Lumi currency today

The truth is that the digital form of the lumi currency is yet to commence conversion or withdrawal anywhere. Beneficiaries should not believe or trust anyone who may claim to be buying Lumi now.[irp posts=”10612″ name=”ECO-6: McPherson meets Nigerian Stock Exchange CEO Oscar Onyema ahead of the planned Lumi withdrawal”]

We spoke with crypto traders within and outside Nigeria if there is any way they could get involved in the Lumi trade but none was willing as at that time (about six months ago).

Fartfin, a digital platform (Fintech) quickly removed Lumi currency from it’s exchange platform on the grounds of irregularities from Swiffin (upgrade issues) and mistrust from beneficiaries.

Official way to withdraw or convert Lumi currency

The only official way to convert or withdraw lumi currency is to wait for the appropriate time as announced by the officials of the ECO-6.[irp posts=”1262″ name=”SWIFIN partners Ecobank; Plan deposits and withdrawals of Lumi Currency”]

So many platforms are coming up with ways to get Lumi profitable to beneficiaries. Such platforms like Roliit are fully involved in the Lumi currency affairs and are  sorting ways by which they hope could be of benefit to all beneficiaries.


Written by T.I Ukende

T.I Ukende is a professional writer and ICT consultant. He has written many evergreen articles for Benuecast blog, classicgist, ellabase and many others before birthing the newsway blog.
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