Update: Swiffin platform reopens the community portal for beneficiaries to access Lumi wallets

The Swiffin digital platform has reopened it’s community portal after a three weeks outage for the Lumi stimulus beneficiaries to access their lumi wallets.

In recent months, Swiffin has been faced with numerous technical issues that seems too difficult for their engineers and programmers to tackle. They call it upgrade but no assurance is forthcoming from them to give the platform users courage or hope of ever seen or have access to their lumi wallets again.

About a week ago, newsway sent over three official mails to the company and also privately to one of the company’s technical team Ellard Sauka but no response from any of the mails sent.[irp posts=”10291″ name=”ECO-6 LUMI: Reasons why you can’t access your Swiffin account”]

Although, a notable official of the ECO-6 Timothy McPherson has kept assuring beneficiaries of the Lumi stimulus within the Continental Africa and those in the Diaspora that the conversion of the digital currency (Lumi) is a sure thing.

How sure is the October 1st deadline for Lumi integration?

The fourth clause of the “key highlights of the regulation” in the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) states thus:

“All monetary agents will have until October 1, 2022, to have adapted to the new exchange rate mechanism.”

This is the assurance of the beneficiaries and we can not give them more than what the officials have given.

Recall that in 2019 the Africa Union adopted a treaty to establish a sixth Region (the ECO-6). And in October 2020 the ECO-6 rolled out it’s Lumi currency stimulus to empower vulnerable Africans with the Lumi grant of AKL6.26  every month for three years beginning from October 2020 to elapse in October 2023.

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