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ECO-6 LUMI: McPherson delivers Lumi Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) to the Republic of Sierra leone

Ahead of the scheduled Lumi currency conversion and integration in regional and national economies, the president of African Diaspora Central Bank (ADCB) His Majesty Chief Timothy Elisha McPherson has presented the Region’s Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) to the Republic of Sierra leone.

The ADCB’s Boss and the creator of the Lumi Currency has paid a courtesy call on Sierra leone’s High Commissioner to the Common Wealth and UK, His Excellency Edward Turay in the Commission’s headquarters in London, United Kingdom (UK). [irp posts=”9090″ name=”BREAKING: ECO-6 fixes 1st October for Lumi conversion and integration”]

McPherson revealed that his visit to the high commissioner was to discuss issues bothering paramountly on ECO-6’s willingness to invest hugely in infrastructural development of the country and secondly on the integration of the Lumi Currency in the Country’s national economy to foster the recovery of the country’s economy.

Edward Turay and Timothy McPherson exchange pleasantries

Edward Turay while receiving the ECO-6 President and his entourage said, this is really a blessing to the people of Africa. Lumi is such a currency that presents a huge transformational opportunity for the Continental Africa and the Diaspora.

“Sierra Leone will be ever willing to integrate Lumi into it’s National Economy most especially now that our fiat currency is fast depreciating in value.” the Lumi stimulus will eradicate poverty in the whole of Africa if properly executed.”

In case you are not aware

  • Edward Mohamed Turay is a Sierra Leonean politician and diplomat. He was leader of the opposition All People’s Congress from 1996 to 2002. He has been Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom since 2010.[irp posts=”361″ name=”Eco-6 Lumi and the rise of Digital Currency in Continental Africa 2022″]
  • The African Kingdoms LUMI was established as legal tender within the 2014 Bank Act of Accompong and issued to the public by the Central Solar Reserve Bank of Accompong as the currency of the Sovereign Maroon State of Accompong with its physical bank notes printed in Canada.

    Edward Turay signing acceptance of the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) on behalf of the Sierra leone government
  • The LUMI was created by the then Minister of Finance and Founding Governor of the Bank of Accompong, H.H. Chief Timothy McPherson, who is a global financial engineer that hails from the Maroon territory of Queen Nanny of the Maroons on the Island of Jamaica.
  • Although the previous AKL Lumi were imprinted in 2016 for use within the Accompong yet beginning around 2020 the LUMI has been adopted as the official cash by various governments, including: the Economic Community of the States, Nations, Territories and Realms of the African Diaspora sixth Region (ECO-6), the State of the African Diaspora, the African Kingdoms Federation, the United Kingdoms of Africa, and the African Diaspora Central Bank.
  • Underwritten by sun based energy (solar), Lumi currency is worth 100Kwh of sun oriented energy, with a decent valuation at 4 grains of gold (0.2592 grams) for 1 AKL.
  • In any case, the lumi is not generally utilized as the Accompong money. It is currently given by the African Diaspora Central Bank since the Central Solar Reserve Bank was destituted by Colonel Richard Currie when he replaced Colonel Ferron Williams as the new elected Head of State for the Accompong.
  • Lumi conversion is scheduled to officially commence in October this year (2022) or later as may be implemented by various governments within their jurisdiction.

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