Rishi Sunak’s appointment made King Charles III defile royal protocol

According to reports, King Charles III defied royal protocol when he visited Rishi Sunak, the new prime minister of the UK, in the Buckingham Palace room from 1844.

The space, which was given its name in honor of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia’s 1844 visit, is frequently used to entertain ambassadors and other gatherings.

The room, which is on the ground floor, is not utilized for meetings with the new prime ministers because the Queen chose a more intimate setting.

Political historian Dr. Nigel Fletcher told The Telegraph that His Majesty decided to hold the meeting in the 1844 room rather than the first-floor audience room used by the late Queen.

“I would imagine the King’s use of the 1844 room, where he now seems to hold all his audiences, reflects the fact the audience room was part of his late mother’s private apartments,” he added.

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