Pi Network: Updates from the ongoing Hackathon; more ecosystem Apps to be unveiled after the hackathon

Users have made a lot of suggestions since the hackathon started and voted for the top projects to be developed on the network. As of this writing, Pioneers have added more than 200 proposals.

Some suggestions, which would introduce new utilities to the cryptocurrency arena, include PiCulture, PI Oil and Gas, and PI Screen. For instance, PI Oil and Gas uses the PI token to assist buyers and sellers in acquiring oil and gas equipment in the industry.

In the current hackathon, more and more new project ideas are being proposed for the Pi Network. The Pi Network ecosystem is still being built with interest from pioneers.

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The protocol’s hackathon feature, proposals, enables Pioneers to submit new ideas in its sealed mainnet. Before they are published, the proposed projects are thoroughly screened by the Pi Network team. On the Pi Network application, only intriguing proposals with a thorough execution plan will be shown.

those who develop ideas without really building them. Nevertheless, they would have to agree to participate as a builder on the project. View all suggestions by visiting the Pi Browser or Pi Application, which opens up new opportunities for the PI ecosystem.


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