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Pi Network proposed Games in the ongoing Hackathon; Top 5 GameFi

On January 9, Pi Network announced the start of its most recent hackathon. Since then, over 2000 projects have registered to take part in the event and show off their work to the broad community.

Project teams and programmers who want to create their Decentralized Applications (dApps) on the Pi Network are participating in the hackathon. The three themes are social media, games and entertainment, and consumer utilities.

The event has so far generated a large number of creative initiatives that span all three themes. Today, we’ll examine five of the top dApps that have garnered attention in the gaming category.

1. Math Madness

Geek people play Math Madness. In an engaging online arithmetic challenge, users can put their math skills to the test by playing against random opponents.

In the quick-witted academic game, players will demonstrate their speed and knowledge.

2. Playroom

Playroom provides authentic gaming tools using the native Pi token. Pioneers may use Pi to use Playroom to buy Xbox, PC, and Playstation gaming discs and configurations. Gamers can also sell consoles, game cheats, and other items on Playroom.

3. Happy Pi Farm

A simulation business game called Happy Pi Farm was created on a decentralized network. On a farm, the game is based. Players take on the role of farm operators, managing every aspect of running a farm, including purchasing seeds, farming, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and harvesting and selling fruit. The game’s earned gold coins are the asset tokens on the Pi chain that can be exchanged for actual Pi coins.

4. Pi Gaming Center

Everyone has the opportunity to earn Pi coins here. The platform’s ecosystem consists of board games like chess, checkers, and dominoes, video game leagues and tournaments, and poker tables and games. A full-fledged casino featuring sports betting, table games, and slots will be added later by the team.

5. Pi Snake

On Pi’s isolated mainnet, a blockchain entertainment game called Pi-Snake lets players command their tiny snakes to devour or kill other players in order to grow longer. Users can earn rewards by playing the game in one of its various modes.


Written by T.I Ukende

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