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PiBridge to build EZ, an invoice for Pi Payment in the ongoing Hackathon

T.I Ukende
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About five days ago, the first Pi Hackathon of 2023 began formally. To date, the various teams that registered to create ecosystem-utilities for the Pi Network have expressed interest in doing so. These teams will be working to help the project launch its Mainnet with a full array of utility applications.

PiBridge has also propose to build a Pi payment “invoice” to help show proof of payment whenever PiCoin is used to make payments.

Source: A document published by PiBridge through telegram

An invoice is a business document given by a seller to a buyer that details a sale transaction and lists the goods, quantities, and prices that were agreed upon for goods or services that the seller had given the buyer. In most cases, the invoice includes the payment terms.

The current Hackathon, which ends on February 28th, has more than a thousand teams participating, including PiBridge. They might receive as much as $15,000 in prizes if they emerge winners in the hackathon.

Those who are interested in starting businesses will have the chance to network with investors, including Silicon Valley investors. Participants will have the chance to build firms if they are interested.

The creation and execution of one’s own programs is permitted for programmers and hackers. In addition to any further prizes, winners will receive rewards worth up to $30,000. The successful programmers and hackers will also have the chance to launch their programs and will be able to make use of the enormous user base of Pi Network, which comprises more than 35 million Pioneers (Pi miners).

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