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Pi Network: How to Buy Pi Coins in India?

You can still buy Pi coins despite India’s very strict position on cryptocurrencies; but, you won’t be able to swap them until phase 3 of the Pi Network launches, which is anticipated to happen very soon.

The user must download the mobile app from the iOS app store or the Android play store in order to conveniently mine Pi coin using a mobile device in India. You can, however, store the Pi coins safely in your digital wallet after purchasing them.

The user can also download the Pi coin wallet app from the Apple or Android app stores, which keeps track of transactions made using the Pi.

For purchasing Pi Coins, which can be kept in your wallet, the Indian user can alternatively use ordinary cash or fiat currencies like the INR.

On the Pi Network website, users can also earn Pi coins. With their PI wallet login and the Pi network, individuals may send money to other users much more quickly.

Indian users should be aware that Pi Network currently advises against connecting to any cryptocurrency exchanges or third-party aggregators as doing so could cause significant loss or damage to Pi users. Also, Pi Network has asked that the exchange listings be taken down in order to emphasize once again how essentially illegal it is to trade Pi during the enclosed mainnet period.

“Please note that if you are planning to buy PI in India, then it is not possible to exchange it as it is still in the testing phase. However, the users who have earned Pi can transfer or withdraw their coins in the third phase which is supposed to be launched soon when Pi moves to a completely decentralized blockchain.”

Once post-phase 3 is complete, Pi coin owners will fully own both their public and private wallet keys, and users will be able to utilize their coins on the peer-to-peer marketplace of the Pi network to pay for both products and services.

To buy Pi Coin in India, kindly follow the link below:

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Final Conclusion

Since the Pi blockchain has not yet been officially released, it is currently not able to sell Pi coins, despite the fact that you can simply create them in India. Hence, you might be able to focus on amassing the Pi coins right now at your own risk and refer to it as a “financial investment” that can be realized later, perhaps at a profit.

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