You will not sell your PiCoin after reading this article; Nicolas Kokkalis has issued his final warning before mainnet

Let me remind you that Pi Network CEO Dr. Nikolas Kokkalis has issued a serious warning to all pioneers, and that this may be the last such warning. You might want to think twice about selling your Pi coins now that you’ve read this post.

The warning alludes to the widely anticipated alteration in the launch date that we are all anticipating, as well as the outstanding kyc that pioneers have not yet finished. Dr. Nickolas emphasized that in order to avoid having their accounts automatically deleted in the event that the mainnet is shut down, all pioneers should complete their KYC as soon as possible.

Although no specific date has been set for the launch, there have recently been a lot of activities taking place in the enclosed mainnet. All pioneers will be informed when the mainnet launches and instructed to start trading their PI coins right away.

According to its white paper, the pi network was developed to address the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the digital world and to support spontaneous community building. As a result, it is probably one of the cryptocurrencies that is most widely observed worldwide.

As everyone can engage in the scheme so long as they have a mobile phone, it has thus far succeeded in its purpose. Pioneers have been crucial to its development thus far. When the Pi network launches, you can invest and earn a lot, and you can already use it to pay in a select number of Marchants. The pi network is developing into a more robust cryptocurrency.

The project’s development team has made a special effort to give a precise release date. The project will launch either in March or towards the end of the year, according to announcements. Although it hasn’t been verified, it appears that the CEO has been dropping hints concerning

The pi network has been defined as consistent selloffs from the beginning of 2022 by growing pi Marchants. Despite the lack of any indicator that can identify a positive trigger in the near future, people seem willing to exchange the pi currency for their goods and services. The pi network community still thinks the mainnet will go live this year.

The Pi Network has a total of over 48 million coins in circulation, though this number fluctuates every day. Recently, however, as a result of the mainnet’s launch, this value has been steadily declining.


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