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Lumi to Naira Exchange rate today 12/04/2022

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Since we posted about the conversion of the Eco-6 Lumi currency which the Authorities has fixed 1st October, 2022 for the withdrawal or national and Regional integration in economies, many beneficiaries of the programme have been searching to get the actual rate of the currency in order to fixed their hope on.

Like every other currency, Lumi also fluctuates on an hourly basis but this depends on the price of gold.

The dollar which has global acceptance owing to the fact that more than a half fiat currencies are pegged to it.

The Lumi currency has just began it’s global journey and will soon attain a certain height that can be above all global currencies.

The Nigerian naira has been devaluated to the extent that at present one have to spend over N6,000 just to get a single Lumi currency.

Lumi to Naira Exchange rate today 11/04/2022

Today the Lumi currency is traded or converted at an official rate of N6890.26 while this may be the current Gold price.

Gold is the actual determinant factor in fixing the exchange rate for the Lumi currency.

This is to say if the price of gold as a precious stone may be the same as the price of Lumi Currency conversion rate.


Written by T.I Ukende

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  1. So people won’t events be able to buy online seeing they must wait until October 1 for exchange to take place why is it they don’t allow people to buy at least cause it’s been from the one month to next people are becoming restless and they starting to call agents names

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