JUST IN: 6 new functionality features added on SWIFIN TRANSACT for fiat conversion

Amidst the enforcement and implementation of the ECO-6 Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), swifin has just added new functionality features on its TRANSACT platform. The new functions suggest easy conversion to fiat currencies or even crypto investment and lending. Some of the noticable functionality features that has just been added are: Loan DPS (Deposit Plus Schemes) […]

Lumi to Naira Exchange rate today 12/04/2022

Since we posted about the conversion of the Eco-6 Lumi currency which the Authorities has fixed 1st October, 2022 for the withdrawal or national and Regional integration in economies, many beneficiaries of the programme have been searching to get the actual rate of the currency in order to fixed their hope on. Like every other […]

Eco-6 to resume payment again on 28th of April

The Economic Community of the 6th African Region announced payments to applicants on the 28th of April 2022. All applicants for the grant are expected to receive payments for the grant this month. The LUMI currency which is to be disbursed by the African Diaspora Central Bank has been adopted by the African Union as […]

SWIFIN partners Ecobank; Plan deposits and withdrawals of Lumi Currency

Swifin is a financial technology company born out of a revolutionary idea that real time settlement and reconciliation of financial transactions should be possible and accessible to everyone no matter where they are.  Swifin is so far the only platform distributing the LUMI currency stimulus in Africa. The collaboration with Eco Bank with plans to […]

LUMI CURRENCY: Three basic benefits of a Swifin Business account

LUMI CURRENCY: Three basic benefits of a Swifin Business account Swifin is a Fintech company delivering e-commerce services and wallet for some digital currencies including the African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL). In this article i will be highlighting key benefits of the Swifin various accounts including the business account.  Why should anyone have a Swifin platform […]

ECO-6: How to Register as a Swifin agent

  The following are the steps needed for individual registration: 1. Full Name: This could either be a business name or an Individual’s name 2. E-mail Address: 3. Mobile Number (format +234 xxx – *): 4. Name of your Country and Currency: Choose your country from pulldown menu 5. Member Institution: Central Reserve Bank of […]

Benefits of the Swifin Merchant account

Both Agent account and Merchant account are Agency accounts. Which can used by businesses to build a service delivery network which ensures last mile reach. There are some differences between these two types of accounts. An Agent account can be used to register Individual and Business accounts. The Agent Account will automatically receive commission on […]

Step by Step quide on how to make Lumi Currency payment on swifin

Step by Step quide on how to make Lumi Currency payment on swifin So many people have been complaining on how to make payment to another Swifin user. I decided to upload a video tutorial on how the payment maybe made. I am not the Original Author of this content so kindly visit This YouTube Channel to […]

LUMI CURRENCY: PAPSS needs Swifin gateway to begin Lumi currency exchange for any local currency in Africa

The African Union (AU) in collaboration with Afreximbank rollout the Pan-Afrincan Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) to provide a unique continental payment system that will support the Continent’s Common market through the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA). The African Export-Import Bank and the AfCFTA Secretariat have announced the launch of the Pan-African Payment and […]

Swifin’s new method of Registration for new applicants

Swifin is a digital platform through which the Economic Community of the 6th African Region are delivering the stimulus package to poor and vulnerable Africans. For anyone to access the Lumi currency stimulus he or she must register on the Swifin platform. After the Registration, wait patiently for your payment which might come between 28th […]

BREAKING: Swifin closes self registration due to fake presentation of required documents

The Swifin platform in a bid to curb fraudulent registration by members of the public has restricted self registration of new users and can only validates documents presented by Agents or institutions through which new users are now mandated to present documents physically for validation before such accounts may be approved and stimulus paid to […]

Swifin has named those that may not receive stimulus this month

Dr. Linus Etube, the CEO Swifin digital platform. For obvious reasons, Swifin digital platform handling the Lumi stimulus disbursement has outlined few categories of it’s digital platform users that may not be paid today. Despite registering freely on the platform as a user, ordinarily everyone that has registered his or herself on the platform ought […]

ECO-6 LUMI: Swifin has finally added withdrawal feature on its platform

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The yearnings of all Lumi Currency stimulus beneficiaries have finally seeing the light that always shines brighter at the end of the tunnel. Just like the illustration Mr. Vanto had given few days ago “If Africa is a congregation then Lumi is the gospel. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ” […]