BREAKING: 12 corpses removed as kidnapper and ritual killer arrested in Benue today

kidnapper and ritual killer arrested in Benue today

A ritual killer identified as Dr. Kwagh akorum menenge (Iorwuese Looks) was arrested on the early hours of Friday in Gbatse, Ushongo local government of Benue State by men of the Department of State Security Services (DSS).

Dr. Kwagh akorum menenge is man slayer and kidnapper whom even his kinsmen claimed not been aware of his secret killings. The man upon his arrest confessed his atrocities in the public before he was taken to the state headquarters.

The man revealed killing over 150 motor cyclist and motorist this year, their vehicles been sold to an Igbo dealer who comes regularly to buy the stolen vehicles.

Iorwuese Kpila claimed to be a herbalist and fortune teller. He said he killed his victims to avoid been exposed. Several others were arrested yesterday (25th September, 2019) in connection with the killings.

He lead the team of security comprising the Army, Police (SARS) and DSS with the crowed of people who came from the neighboring communities to remove the corpses of his victims whom he buried behind his house and planted cassava on their shallow graves.

Even when he (Kolumase) traveled to Taraba State last month, his boys continued with the killings. They confessed robbing and killing travelers plying the Adikpo-Katsina-Ala road at night.

Some of the corpses were removed yesterday and taken to their respective villages for a proper burial while some could not be identified.

He also took the security to an abandoned government well where he threw about eighty-four corpses.

More on this will be updated later today (26thSeptember 2019) as more arrests is to be made and corpses to be removed from about three quarry pits, well and road side grave yard.

Written by T.I Ukende

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