As Swifin set to resume payment, here are new updates between October 28th and November 28th

As Eco-6 Lumi currency beneficiaries await November payment tomorrow (28th of November 2021), I bring you some of the major highlights of promotional events that took place within this period.

Some of these events are major donations made by the Diaspora Central Bank to some of the African governments and some investment contract engaged in by the Diaspora Central Bank and their host governments.

One of the major events that took place is the celebration of the Lumi currency’s first year anniversary which took place on the 29th of October 2021. The virtual event was graced by top officials mostly from the financial sector. Some of these dignitaries include the president of the ADCB HRH Chief Semako I&IV Timothy Elisha McPherson, Swifin’s CEO Dr. Linus Etube and the MD Africa Royal Bank Mr. Martin Wiseman.

During the event the ADCB’s president McPherson highlighted the Lumi currency’s milestone so far which includes the ECO-6’s envoy on a Lumi currency promotional tour to some African countries begining with the visit to the republic of Cameroon.

The president explained that while in the republic of Cameroon, the envoy engaged the Port’s authority in Douala to invest $2 million for the development of the major point of arrival at the Port. This investment offer will be issued in Lumi.

From the republic of Cameroon, the envoy headed to the republic of Congo in Porte Noire, where they also engaged the authority to invest $5 billion which again will be issued in Lumi currency.

While do all these investments had to be in the Lumi currency?

The simple reason is “to make the new regional currency popular and acceptable.”

Prior to these promotional tours was a major investment in Birland State. The sum of $250 billion was invested in infrastructural development of the Bir Tawil Land and another investment of about $9 billion equivalent in Lumi currency was invested in Mandrolli Autos in south Africa.

Mr. Martin Wiseman unveiled Lumi currency exchange or conversion App during the Lumi’s anniversary celebration. Major features of the App as explained by the MD were a deposit account with Royal Bank, a Lumi master card account and an AKL account.

Mr. Martin performed a test transaction on the App and assured beneficiaries of the stimulus to be patient as exchange of the currency to fiat currencies will commence soon.

 Meanwhile Swifin will begin payments of the monthly stimulus by 00.00GMT tomorrow. Though, the payments may delay as the number of beneficiaries keeps increasing by hourly basis. No fewer than 2 million people are expected to receive the payment this month.

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Written by T.I Ukende

T.I Ukende is a professional writer and ICT consultant. He has written many evergreen articles for Benuecast blog, classicgist, ellabase and many others before birthing the newsway blog.
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