20 Nations alongside the US and EU jointly condemned the killing of intelligence officers by Taliban

The United States, the European Union and 20 other countries have condemned the Taliban for the summary assassinations of former police and intelligence officers in Afghanistan. 

Saturday’s statement came after Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report documenting the murder or disappearance of at least 47 members of the Afghan National Security Forces.

The international locations stated they were “deeply concerned” with the aid of using the allegations and underlined that the “alleged movements represent critical human rights abuses and contradict the Taliban’s introduced amnesty” for former Afghan officers.

They known as at the Taliban “to efficaciously put into effect the amnesty for former contributors of the Afghan safety forces and previous Government officers to make sure that it’s miles upheld throughout the united states and in the course of their ranks,” and entreated activate and obvious investigations into the suggested killings.

The international locations encompass Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and Ukraine.

The Taliban took energy in Afghanistan in August because the US-subsidized authorities in Kabul collapsed withinside the wake of American troops leaving the united states.

The armed group, eager to benefit global recognition, has pledged its rule may be unique to its preceding time in authorities withinside the 1990s, which protected public stonings, limb amputations of alleged criminals and a ban on women’s education.

But the new administration continues to impose violent sentences and the United Nations has raised concerns over “credible allegations” that the Taliban have committed retaliatory assassinations since their victory. 

In its report, HRW said that the Taliban leaders had ordered the surrender of security forces, registering with the authorities, investigating links with certain military or special forces, and receiving a letter guaranteeing their safety. 

“However, the Taliban used these controls to arrest and execute or forcibly disappear people within days of their search, and to leave their bodies to their families or communities,”said HRW. 

The group said their investigation revealed that the Taliban killed or forcibly disappeared more than 100 former members of the Afghan security forces in Ghazni, Helmand, Kunduz and Kandahar provinces. 

He also noted that the Taliban had announced the establishment of a commission to investigate reports of human rights abuses, corruption, theft and other crimes, but that the commission had not announced an investigation into the reported killings. 

“The Taliban’s unfounded claims that they are acting” to prevent abuse and bring perpetrators to justice seem to be nothing more than a PR gag, “he said. 

In an audio recording, the Afghan Taliban Deputy Chief and Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani appealed to “our brothers to work with the Commission and not protect or support any character based on personal friendship”.

No country has yet officially recognized the Taliban government, while billions of dollars in Afghan assets and overseas funds have been frozen, even as the country faces serious economic and humanitarian crises. 

US officials held talks with Taliban officials in Qatar earlier this week and expressed deep concern over human rights violations and urged the group to provide women and girls with access to education for all levels across the country. 

Shortly after, on Friday, the Taliban issued a women’s rights decree stating that women should not be considered “property” and should not be forced into marriage.

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