YouTube to replace custom URL with “@handle username” similar to social media “mention”

With an end goal to increment commitment among creators and users, YouTube will add novel account handles for channels, like that seen on social media platforms.

You might realize them better as the “@” symbol that shows up before a username. At the point when this component launches(opens in new tab), you’ll have the option to specify content makers or different users to “increment [a video’s] perceivability and [help it reach] new crowds.” YouTube carried out something almost identical some time back. Creators could yell out different directs in video titles and descriptions(opens in new tab) or have individuals notice different users in live chats, however that is just the length it went.[irp]

Handles, then again, will be utilized in additional areas like YouTube Shorts, channel pages, video descriptions, comments, and, surprisingly, in the channel’s URL. Concerning custom URLs, apparently Google might be disposing of them for handles. A YouTube Help page(opens in new tab) uncovers channels can as of now not set up custom URLs or change them, yet they’ll in any case be upheld when the new element launches.

Handles will be rolling out in phases, according to YouTube. Throughout the rest of October, creators will be notified (either through email or YouTube Studio) when they’ll be able to create their handles so they can claim them before anybody else can. Channels that already have a custom URL will automatically be switched over to the new system. That unique URL will be the handle moving forward.

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