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Why you need to HODL, Own or Mine at least 1200 Pi Network Coin before mainnet launch

In this article, I’ll be giving you an explanation of why you should have a minimum of 1,200 pi tokens. I’ll get right to the point: The pi network already has more than 40 million people connected, and they are all actively mining the pi coin.

You must be aware that pi coin, whose price has risen to $100 per coin, has been listed on a few cryptocurrency exchanges. Since the Pi network has not yet gone live, the Pi core team has disproved these few Exchanges and labeled them as fraudulent. There are already plans in place for launching.

Evidently, people have begun exchanging their pi coins for Fia money, as it currently known though still P2P but against the platform’s rule. Due to the fact that we advised you to have 1200 pi coins, some people have chosen to lock 500 of them, leaving you with 700 pi.

Others, meanwhile, have started trading pi coins on some cryptocurrency exchanges. I’ll advise you to lock away some of your pi coins because we cannot predict the future of the cryptocurrency with absolute certainty. If there is a breakout in any cryptocurrency, you will be in a more secure position as a result of doing this.

You should not exchange all of your pi coins. Save some of your pi coins in your wallet as you wait to see what happens to the token’s worth in the long run.

According to data from numerous sources, the majority of individuals predict that the pi coin won’t sell for less than $100. It has a high price. That after launch, it can be more than $100. once it begins trading Several people will begin selling.

People are already exchanging pi coins for a variety of goods and services, despite the fact that trading has not yet been authorized. Imagine for a moment that trading could actually take place. If this were to happen, it would mean that a huge number of individuals would be selling their possessions while a sizable number would also be holding them.

Due to the fact that a large number will be sold, the number may significantly decrease, but after some time—perhaps two or three years—the price will start to rise again. For the wait to be worthwhile, you must have 1,000 200 pi coins. No matter how much a coin costs, if you can keep 1,000 200 pi coins in stock, you’ll still be wealthy.


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