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Evidence Shows that Amazon may have plans for Pi Payment adoption

Abigail Ukende
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As usual, there is an exciting story making the rounds on social media for pioneers, but we want to delve farther and uncover all the untold details. We recently learned about and reported a new website called Amazonpi.com, which leads us to wonder if Amazon is actually affiliated with it.

We looked it up on the website and discovered that, just a few weeks before the official debut of Pi 2019, Amazon Technology had indeed used a Mac monitor to purchase its domain. If you recall, a YouTuber stated in a video from a few months back that he had used a pi token to pay for a device on Amazon.

We believe that since 2019, Amazon has been contemplating about the pi network. This story is the topic of lively conversation on Twitter and other social media platforms. Personally, I believe it’s a little strange that Amazon bought this domain rather than just buying and selling it. They bought it in 2019 and still have it as of the time this article was being written.

Many theories have since been disproved, and some are calling people names for making such bold assumptions. For example, some have claimed that Amazon probably bought the domain to start a new side business, but when they realized it wasn’t very successful, they gave up and kept it. To these people, everything is just an assumption.

The majority of people also claim that Amazon was formerly very interested in the pi token because they thought it was a great network and decided to either develop one or buy an existing one.

Pioneers in the decentralize campaign are asking Amazon for a response to the recent discovery of an Amazon pi, as I previously mentioned. They want to know if online companies like Amazon are indeed considering using the Pi network.

On January 8th, famous pioneers took part in a Twitter discussion hosted by pi news to explore a variety of network-related subjects, including Pi KYC. The Pi Hackathon and the Pi Amazon Domain are just a couple of examples. The domain was purchased by Amazon Technologies a few weeks prior to the 2019 debut of pi, according to investigations.

The legal department of Amazon was contacted by a pioneer by the name of Peter regarding the domain purchase, but the woman who answered the phone said she couldn’t speak about the subject. Why did the Amazon representative say she couldn’t comment on the matter? If she could speak, she would have surely said No to clear the air, but she was unable to do so.

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