Volkswagen Unveils ID.7: A Striking Fusion of Luxury and Electric Performance

Sedans are not fading away; instead, they are undergoing a remarkable transformation. Enter the Volkswagen ID.7, a premium mid-size sedan that challenges conventional norms by seamlessly integrating a five-door liftback design with all-electric power. This newest addition to Volkswagen’s ID lineup marks another milestone in the brand’s commitment to electric mobility.

The ID.7 stands out as a fusion of elegance and sustainability, boasting a high-efficiency powertrain featuring the cutting-edge APP 550 electric motor. Paired with an 82-kWh or 91-kWh battery pack, with usable capacities of 77 and 86 kWh respectively, the sedan promises a blend of performance, extended range, and quick charging capabilities. Positioned on the Volkswagen Group’s modular MEB architecture dedicated to EVs, the ID.7 reflects the brand’s dedication to innovation in electric vehicle design.

Officially launched following its announcement in April, the ID.7 joins the ranks of Volkswagen’s electric offerings, which include the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.6, and ID. Buzz. Standing over 16 feet long, the ID.7 promises “the best convenience features” and introduces a new high-tech interior concept paired with uncompromising quality.

While order books for the ID.7 have opened in Europe, the anticipation builds for its North American debut. Produced at Volkswagen’s electric mobility factory in Emden, Germany, the sedan aims to redefine the electric driving experience. However, details for the US market are still forthcoming, with information currently presented in European metrics, including a range of 386 miles or 621 km based on WLTP procedures.

Key features of the ID.7 include its impressive dimensions – 195.3 inches in length, a 117-inch wheelbase, and a height of 60.5 inches. Notably, it claims the title of the “lowest slung” ID. model to date. The 73.3-inch width and electric-opening trunk lid, concealing 18.8 cu ft of total capacity (expandable to 56.0 cu ft), underscore the sedan’s commitment to spacious, versatile design.

As Volkswagen continues to “ramp up its electric transformation,” the ID.7 embodies the brand’s vision for the future of electric sedans, blending sophistication, performance, and eco-conscious design in one compelling package.

With the official launch of the Volkswagen ID.7, the automotive world eagerly anticipates a new era in electric sedans. This premium mid-size offering, part of Volkswagen’s groundbreaking ID lineup, represents a harmonious fusion of luxury, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable performance.

The ID.7’s distinctive design, featuring a five-door liftback layout, challenges the conventional notion of sedans. Built on the Volkswagen Group’s modular MEB architecture dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs), this sedan showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the EV space.

The powertrain is at the heart of the ID.7’s appeal, housing the advanced APP 550 electric motor and a choice of an 82-kWh or 91-kWh battery pack. The result is not only impressive performance but also an extended range, paired with quick charging capabilities. The sedan’s emphasis on both luxury and sustainability aligns with Volkswagen’s broader vision for the future of mobility.

As the order books open in Europe, the anticipation for the North American market builds. Produced in Volkswagen’s electric mobility factory in Emden, Germany, the ID.7 is poised to make a significant impact on the electric sedan market in both continents.

Despite the information currently geared toward European metrics, with a range of 386 miles or 621 km based on WLTP procedures, the ID.7 is expected to bring its blend of convenience and cutting-edge technology to the North American market. The absence of official pricing information adds an air of suspense, heightening the curiosity surrounding this transformative electric sedan.

Beyond its technological prowess, the ID.7 boasts dimensions that underscore its commitment to spacious and versatile design. The “lowest slung” ID. model to date, the sedan’s length of 195.3 inches, a 117-inch wheelbase, and a height of 60.5 inches provide a striking visual presence. With a width of 73.3 inches and a trunk capacity expandable up to 56.0 cu ft, the ID.7 promises a seamless blend of style and practicality. Read Similar Story

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