Pi Network Proposes Games in the Last Year’s Hackathon; Top 5 GameFi Innovations

Pi Network, the decentralized cryptocurrency project, kicked off its highly anticipated hackathon on January 9, 2023, inviting developers and project teams to showcase their creativity and skills in building decentralized applications (dApps) within the Pi Network ecosystem. With over 2000 projects registered, the event has seen a surge of innovative initiatives across various themes, including […]

Pi Network: KYC Remains a Major Hurdle to Mainnet Launch

Pi Network, the pioneering cryptocurrency project, recently provided an update on the progress of its Know Your Customer (KYC) process, shedding light on the challenges faced and outlining the path forward for its users. In a blog post dated December 6, Pi Network detailed the enhancements made to the KYC process, outlining the steps taken […]

Pi (Pi Network) Price Declines by -15.85% Amid Surge in Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem TVL

Pi Network Token's IOU

In a stark contrast of fortunes, the Pi coin, the native cryptocurrency of the Pi Network, experienced a significant decline of -15.85% in its price, while the total value locked (TVL) in Cardano’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem surged by 20%. As reported by CoinMarketCap, the price of Pi coin plummeted to $31.04, marking a notable […]

Pi Network: Justin Sun Defies Core Team’s Delisting Request, Ignites Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, Justin Sun, the prominent figure behind TRON and a key member of Huobi, has chosen to disregard the Pi Network Core Team’s call for exchanges to delist the Pi token. Sun’s defiance has sparked controversy within the crypto community, raising questions about his motives and intentions. The conflict began […]

Atlantis Exchange Predicts Pi Network’s Price May Soar to $150k in Six Weeks

In a surprising turn of events, the Atlantis Exchange platform has sparked fervent speculation by suggesting that the price of Pi, the native cryptocurrency of the Pi Network, could skyrocket to an astonishing $150,000 within the next six weeks. This bold prediction has captured the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike, prompting discussions about […]

Pi Coin vs. Bitcoin: A Comparative Analysis of Two Cryptocurrencies

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, Pi Coin and Bitcoin emerge as two prominent players, each with its unique characteristics and value propositions. As investors navigate the realm of digital assets, understanding the distinctions between these two cryptocurrencies becomes imperative for informed decision-making and potential wealth accumulation. Pi Coin Pi Coin serves as the native […]

PiBridge Launches Open Farming Pool: Earn Wrapped Pi (WPi) by Farming WPi-BUSD

PiBridge, an integral part of the Pi Network ecosystem, has introduced a new farming pool, offering users the opportunity to farm WPi-BUSD and earn wrapped Pi (WPi). This development marks a significant milestone for Pi Network enthusiasts, providing them with an avenue to participate in yield farming and potentially increase their cryptocurrency holdings. Key Details […]

Top Five Most Trending Cryptocurrency Projects This February 2024

The cryptocurrency market continues to evolve rapidly, with new projects emerging almost every month. However, not all projects gain the same level of attention and success. In January 2023, several cryptocurrency projects stood out as the most trending and popular among investors and enthusiasts alike. 1. BONK BONK made waves as the first Solana-based dog-themed […]

Pi Network’s Open Mainnet Launch Hinges on Mainnet Migrations and KYC Verifications

The much-anticipated open mainnet launch of Pi Network is approaching, with critical success factors revolving around mainnet migrations and KYC (Know Your Customer) verifications. These elements are pivotal for ensuring network security, integrity, and compliance. Here’s an overview of the current status and potential launch prospects: Mainnet Migrations Transitioning user accounts and data from the […]

Rumors Circulate On Social Media As Speculation Grows Around Pi Network’s Open Mainnet Launch

In recent days, social media platforms have been abuzz with rumors surrounding Pi Network’s anticipated open mainnet launch. Pi Network, a decentralized cryptocurrency project with a unique approach to mining and user adoption, has gained significant attention during its development phase. The latest rumors suggest that the project is edging closer to unveiling its long-awaited […]

12 Side Hustle Ideas in 2024: Maximizing Earnings with Minimal Time Investment

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, the allure of a side hustle that generates substantial income without consuming vast amounts of time is undeniable. Whether you’re balancing family commitments, household chores, or personal development pursuits, these 12 side hustle ideas offer lucrative opportunities that require only a few hours a week. […]

Price Speculators Eye Solana (SOL) and Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) Amidst Surging Values

As the cryptocurrency market continues to capture the attention of investors worldwide, the recent surges in Solana (SOL) and Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) have sparked significant interest among price speculators. With Solana launching a hackathon for content creators and Rebel Satoshi gaining momentum in its presale rounds, the crypto community is eager to explore the potential […]

Pandoshi (PAMBO): The Rising Star in the Cryptocurrency Universe

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the cryptocurrency market, a new contender has emerged, captivating the interest of investors who were once fervent supporters of Shiba Inu. Pandoshi (PAMBO), with its innovative features and community-centric approach, is rapidly gaining momentum as a rising star in the digital asset arena. As the project enters its final presale […]

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies Under $0.10 That Could Offer Lucrative Returns

As the cryptocurrency market kicks off a new week, investors are eyeing assets that are not only performing well but also available at low price points. With this in mind, Finbold has curated a list of three digital assets priced under ten cents per wholecoin that could represent promising investment opportunities for traders and investors […]