How to do the Sidra bank P2P verification: Six basic Step

In this Article I’ll discuss about how do sidra bank P2P verification showing you why maximum people can’t start there p2p verification.

Step 1: you need to install the kiwi browser. Why not google chrome ? Because google crown doesn’t work properly to submit p2p verification request

Step 2: you need to find two friends or any member or any member who is also waiting for sidra bank p2p verification and which has to be from your own country otherwise it won’t work. There telegram channels to join to get members in the same country as you .when your second step is complete you need to ask members to activate online same time when you start p2p verification

Step 3: click in to “share option” and copy your profile link now share with your friends and opposite members and tell them to open it in Kiwi browser. Both members need to do this all in Kiwi browser.

Step 4: when your friend clicks his “profile link” he’ll see a “dashboard” he will click the “p2p” option and after that click in “request verification”

Step 5: when he texts you that his has done his job . You need to login your profile and click in p2p option After that you’ll see “ Accept option” so simply accept the request and then select your document type . If passport or personal ID then click in “confirm” then you’ll see it show “ verification request Successful” then tell your friend you accept request

Step 6: tell your friend to refresh his page until it shows “connection accepted”now he can see your personal ID card then he click in “next” then he sees a camera logo then he needs to click on the logo and it automatically opens a selfie camera and he needs to do few second record . He needs to say “ document is valid “ and stop recording then Afterwards click on the “send video option” After that your verification process has finished successfully . His job done .now you can see in your profile showing “verification successful” and you need to repeat the same process with two different person After that within two or three days your p2p verification will be completed. If you do not understand I’ll Advise you to go over this Article again

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