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Xpeng’s CEO Demonstrates NGP’s Global Potential on German Highways

Terfa Ukende
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He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV), showcased the company’s Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) feature in action on a German highway, signaling the firm’s ambition to develop globally applicable assisted driving technology.

In a recent video shared on Weibo, He Xiaopeng highlighted the successful testing of Xpeng’s NGP feature on German highways. “Our smart driving team shared a video about testing NGP on the highway in Germany, and it’s going well,” he affirmed.

Xpeng’s NGP, dubbed XNGP (Xpeng Navigation Guided Pilot), boasts impressive adaptability, with He Xiaopeng noting its near-seamless integration into European settings. Feedback from the company’s German team underscores the software’s capacity to navigate diverse international traffic and road conditions smoothly.

According to He, advancements in smart driving technology are on the horizon, with higher-level features poised to go global soon. The company’s AI chauffeur function in China and the expanding coverage of XNGP on Chinese city roads are indicative of this progress, with safe roadways growing by nearly 100,000 kilometers monthly.

Xpeng, renowned for its robust assisted driving capabilities in China, aims to extend its reach beyond domestic borders starting this year. He Xiaopeng outlined the company’s roadmap, with plans to initiate global development of XNGP in 2023 and 2024, culminating in a globally applicable XNGP by 2025.

The impending launch of point-to-point XNGP capabilities in China in 2024 is anticipated to revolutionize driver assistance, encompassing highways, city roads, internal campus roads, and parking lots. Initially available solely on highways as Highway NGP, Xpeng gradually broadened its scope to include urban areas as City NGP.

XNGP serves as Xpeng’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), akin to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD). Xpeng’s overarching objective is to equip XNGP to assist drivers across all scenarios, underlining its commitment to pioneering safe and innovative mobility solutions.

With Xpeng’s relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology and its demonstrated success in adapting NGP for global use, the future of assisted driving appears poised for a transformative shift. Read Similar Story

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