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Two Crypto mining Networks bearing same name as Pi Network

Pi Network is a crypto currency project which was officially launched in 2019 by a group of Stanford university graduates. The Pi Network essentially empowers clients to utilize their desktops/mobile applications to mine Pi coins and verify transactions on disseminated records.

This crypto mining platform surprisingly attracts so many users (pioneers) such that it has become a point of attraction for many crypto trading platforms.

To be specific, those trying to join it’s Network should know that there are other crypto mining networks with almost same name as Pi Network but with just little difference. Let’s look at the two crypto mining platforms below 👇🏿

1. Pi Smart Network : According to it’s developers, this decentralized blockchain application has only 500,000,000 coins in supply.

Pi Smart coin project is an initiative composed of people with a rich understanding of blockchin and computer science. Our members work for some of the biggest names in the industry like Sol, Bitcoin Eth and others. It’s mission is to create a platform designed for gamers. Where everyone could just sell and buy gaming items and Social app Video Plans with Pi Smart coins. The best part is that there will be no fee for transaction. The coin should be listed in MAY 2022 at an opening price of 0.25$.

2. Pi Ku Coin Network : Just like Pi Smart Network, Pi Ku Coin Network is also launched this year (2022).

Pi ku Coin Network is a new digital currency. The app allows you to access and grow your Pi ku Coins Token holdings and serves as wallet to host your digital assets.

Pi ku Coin (Network) Token is fairly distributed and eco-friendly. The Network is an interactive game and social networking platform where you can score your Pi ku Coin Network balance and communicate with your friends. The Pi ku Coin Wallet is a Simple android app.

So if you take a very close look at these names, you will notice some resemblance with the main Pi Network.

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