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JUST IN: PiBridge officially launch platform ahead of the Pi Network’s Mainnet launch

PiBridge will support the Pi community to connect with other blockchains

Pi Bridge development team has officially launched it’s website ahead of the anticipated launching of the Pi Network’s Mainnet rumored to take place any moment from now.

A tweet by the platform’s official twitter handle @PiBridgeorg says “we are proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated website, accessible at The team however stressed that, users can always find latest updates from PiBridge portal.

Pi Bridge has come to connect Pi Network to other blockchains so that pioneers can have the opportunity to trade Pi in wrapped form (PiB) on other crypto platforms including Binance and Coinbase.

The speculations about the unveiling of the platform caused a lot of negative reactions from ignorant pioneers who strongly believed the platform was out to scam pioneers since it wasn’t from the “Pi Network ecosystem.”[irp posts=”11359″ name=”FACT FINDING: Is PiBridge a scam or legit platform? Get insight”]

Newsway’s findings revealed however that, despite not being from the Pi Network ecosystem, Pi Bridge remains a legit platform for cross-chain transactions which Pi Network will subsequently engaged in, after the launch of the Mainnet. Pi Bridge is developed to enhance the interoperability of Pi Network and facilitate the platform to interact with other blockchains. It is a trustless gateway connecting Pi network and other blockchains

“PiBridge has said, it will offer Pi in a wrapped form as (PiB) instead of the native Pi.”

In case you are not aware

  • PiBridge is a decentralized all-in-one financial application platform with multi-chain & cross-chain AMM, farming, lending, fundraising platform (launchpad), prediction, NFT, and more. It an interface designed to enable communication and interaction between Pi Network and other crypto trading blockchains.
  • The development team has assured pioneers that PiBridge will issue Wrapped Pi (WPi) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to allow Pi holders to interact with other digital assets on BSC. The bridge will be further extended to other large networks including Polygon, Cosmos, etc.

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    FACT FINDING: Is PiBridge a scam or legit platform? Get insight

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