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Top five offline businesses to start in Nigeria that will make you a millionaire in 2023

50% of Nigerians and about 95% of people in the whole world have experienced a fetal failed business which even makes it more terrifying to set up new businesses.

This is a new year and a lot of people have business ideas jam-packed in their heads on what to do but can’t pin-point exactly the one to established because of fear of low sales and patronage and this is where I come in.

You’re very lucky to have come across this Article. Perhaps, it might be the best thing that has happened to you this year. Any of these five Businesses are gold mine and they will most definitely make you a lot of money in 2023.

1. An event planner: This is basically taking up the task of organizing an event from start to finish for people and this is a very profitable business because there is always an event to be planned and if we are being honest, events are planned almost everyday.

What do you need to Excell in this business?

Expertise skills and good connection to get good jobs. Start small and build a brand. This business can make you a millionaire in 2023.

2. Dry cleaning business: People do not have the time to do their laundries. You can build a brand on taking care of people’s clothings. Its even easier that there are machines to do most of the works like; washing and drying.

You can do a proper networking to promote your brand and you don’t need a massive Capital to start this business, you can start in your vicinity and you will see how fast youve grown within a short time.

3. Driving school instructor – A lot of people buy new cars but do not know how to drive and that’s where you come in. You don’t only teach young people, you get to teach older people too.

This is a very profitable business. By setting up a driving school you can recruit employees to work as a driving instructor under your brand and teach too. As of 2022 three weeks of taking driving lessons costs about 50k.

4. Being an interior designer: This is a bomb. We all love good things. This is a very profitable business. A lot of young people are getting apartment these days, building houses, buying houses, renting big houses.

One thing I know about the youth of these generation is, their taste for good designs and quality materials and they don’t exactly know how interior works and this is just where you can come in and be a consultant to them , help get all the accessories and equipments needed for their space.

You can also partner with developer for luxury houses . Build your brand , do proper networking and In no time you are already one of the big millionaires In town.

5. Being a fitness instructor: Starting up a fitness space will definitely make you a whole lot of box. You can decide to be a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

Most people do remote jobs. They sit in a particular place for a prolonged period of time and this can cause fatigue and can make them to add some extra weight, and exercise will definitely be needed to release the muscles and burn calories and that’s where you come in because everyone wants to keep fit and look good .

Priscilla O. Anthony

Written by Priscilla O. Anthony

Anthony Priscilla is passionate about societal growth, business and politics. she started a research about Digital marketing and it's Elasticity in 2019 which is still in progress.

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