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How to exchange Satoshi Core to USDT, BTC or ETH

Here are validated instructions for the test swap on Satoshi Chain TestNet, an alternate blockchain intended for testing to impose faults and make fixes without affecting the main chain, for Bitcoin satoshi (BTC) miners.

The Satoshi team set up a test swap powered by Uniswap V2 Contracts on the Satoshi TestNet to give BTC miners a taste of Web3 and decentralized trading.

In order to make it simple for users to test out (experiment) the new functionality, a test token called sUSDT (satoshi USDT) was added to the faucet website. Testing of sUSDT transactions is possible while swapping is enabled or activated. You can exchange tBTCs for sUSDT, sUSDT for tBTCs, tBTC for sUSDT, or tETH for tBTC.

Steps: Click this link and then adhere to the directions.

Be aware that everything created on the TestNet is only intended for testing. Cannot be utilized as real transactions and have no real value. Just give it a try. The testnet experiment is free to engage in, although it is not required of all users.

Steps to fetch sUSDT test stable coin on MetaMask wallet

  • Open MetaMask wallet and click Import Token.
  • Input the token Contract Address;


  • After importing sUSDT on your MetaMask account, go to fetch sUSDT on the tBTCs faucet webpage.

What is Core DAO?

CoreDAO is the official decentralized organization in charge of the development of the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. Future Web 3 infrastructure is being built, as well as public chain marketing.

It is a Turing-complete blockchain that makes use of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Bitcoin mining hashrate (EVM). Furthermore, it utilizes the Satoshi Plus, a brand-new consensus algorithm. A protocol-driven validator election procedure is used by Satoshi Plus. It maximizes security, scalability, and decentralization by fusing the finest traits of PoW and DPoS.


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