Pi Network User Urges Core Team to Launch Mainnet to Combat Mining Fatigue

Pi network user

A Pi Network user has expressed concerns about the potential for mining fatigue to set in among the project’s participants due to the prolonged delay in launching the mainnet. In a comment posted on a Newsway news portal article, the user stated,

“Mining fatigue may soon hit Pi Network due to the unnecessary delay to open network.”

The user further argued that development of the Pi ecosystem can progress simultaneously with the open mainnet, emphasizing the importance of boosting activities to generate positive publicity for the project. “Right now, publicity is in the negative,” the user observed.

Pi network user
Source: A Screenshot of the comment

The Pi Network has been in development for several years, and its community has grown steadily during that time. However, the lack of a mainnet has caused some users to question the project’s legitimacy and progress.

The Pi Network Core Team has stated that they are working diligently to ensure a successful mainnet launch and have provided regular updates on their progress. However, some users believe that the Core Team is being overly cautious and that the mainnet should be launched sooner rather than later.

It remains to be seen when the Pi Network mainnet will be launched. However, the Core Team’s decision to delay the launch has undoubtedly caused some frustration among users. It is important for the Core Team to continue to communicate with the community and provide updates on their progress in order to maintain user morale and prevent mining fatigue from setting in. Continue Reading

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