Sidrabank Unveils SidraChain Migration Dashboard for Public Scrutiny

In a significant step towards enhancing transparency and user engagement, the Sidrabank team has unveiled a comprehensive dashboard showcasing the project’s SidraChain migration process. Users are encouraged to actively participate in monitoring the migration progress and confirm the status of their wallet migration.

The announcement was made via an official Sidrabank tweet, stating, “users now can see our SidraChain migration process clearly so they can understand what we are doing.” The tweet further elaborated on the migration process, highlighting the conversion of Testnet Sidra points into Sidra Tokens, followed by their exchange for Sidra Coins after the completion of p2p validation. Once users receive their Sidra Coins, they gain full ownership and control over their assets.

The release of the migration dashboard demonstrates Sidrabank’s commitment to open communication and user empowerment. By providing users with real-time visibility into the migration process, Sidrabank is fostering trust and confidence among its community.

The Sidrabank team has reiterated that the dashboard will be removed upon completion of the migration process. This emphasizes the team’s dedication to keeping users informed throughout the transition to SidraChain.

The SidraChain migration marks a crucial milestone in Sidrabank’s journey towards establishing a robust and scalable decentralized finance ecosystem. By providing users with the opportunity to actively participate in the process, Sidrabank is setting a new standard for transparency and user engagement in the blockchain space. Read More

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