Pi Network Sets Ambitious Targets for Open Network Launch in 2024

Pi Network, the mobile-based cryptocurrency project with millions of users worldwide, has outlined its roadmap towards a public launch, dubbed the “Open Network,” with a target set for 2024. However, achieving this milestone hinges on meeting specific community-driven targets in three key areas: KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, migration to the Mainnet blockchain, and development of real-world Pi utilities.

Reaching Critical Mass through KYC and Migration

The first target focuses on expanding the verified user base. Pi Network aims to have 15 million Pioneers complete KYC verification, encompassing both fully and tentatively verified individuals. This represents a significant increase from the current 8 million KYC’ed users. Additionally, 10 million Pioneers need to migrate their Pi holdings to the Mainnet, marking a crucial step towards full functionality and public accessibility.

Building a Vibrant Ecosystem with Pi Apps

The second target centers around fostering a diverse and valuable ecosystem of Pi-powered applications. Pi Network needs at least 100 real Pi apps that meet specific criteria:

  • Mainnet-ready or already deployed on the Mainnet blockchain.
  • Compliance with Pi platform policies.
  • Addressing a genuine need and offering utility within the Pi ecosystem.
  • Uniqueness, avoiding mere clones of existing apps.

Currently, around 40 apps fit this description, with many more in development or undergoing refinement. Achieving the 100-app target will require continued efforts from the Pi developer community.

Fulfilling these conditions rests primarily on the shoulders of the Pi community, with the Core Team providing support and guidance. Community mobilization will be crucial for driving KYC completion, migration, and app development. This includes encouraging inactive users to rejoin, assisting with KYC applications and validation, and promoting widespread Mainnet migration. For app development, the Core Team will offer technical, product, design, and mentorship support to empower community developers to build innovative and valuable Pi apps.

Open Network: A Collaborative Journey

Pi Network’s roadmap towards an Open Network in 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for the project and its dedicated community. By working together to achieve the set targets in KYC, migration, and app development, Pi Pioneers can pave the way for a thriving public launch and unlock the full potential of the Pi ecosystem. The journey requires collective action, creativity, and unwavering commitment from all stakeholders. With continued dedication and collaboration, Pi Network’s vision of an inclusive peer-to-peer ecosystem powered by its own digital currency could become a reality in the near future.

Key Takeaways

  • Pi Network targets Open Network launch for 2024.
  • Specific goals include 15 million KYC’ed users, 10 million Mainnet migrations, and 100 real Pi apps.
  • Community plays a vital role in driving KYC, migration, and app development.
  • Core Team provides support and guidance for community efforts.
  • Achieving Open Network hinges on collective action and unwavering commitment.

Pi Network’s ambitious roadmap sets the stage for a potentially transformative year in 2024. Whether the project successfully navigates the outlined challenges and achieves its Open Network goals remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain: the journey promises to be an exciting one for Pi Pioneers and the broader cryptocurrency community alike. Continue Reading

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