JUST IN: Pi Network Announces Roadmap for Open Network Launch in 2024 – But Three Hurdles Remain

Pi Network, the mobile-based cryptocurrency project boasting millions of users, has laid out its path towards full-fledged public access – the Open Network phase – with a target set for 2024. However, reaching this milestone hinges on overcoming three crucial conditions, requiring concerted efforts from users, developers, and the Pi Core Team.

The announcement, outlined in a blog post and accompanied by a “V2 Roadmap,” emphasizes that no specific date for the Open Network launch has been set. The roadmap details the technical, product, business, and legal aspects that need to be addressed before opening the floodgates to public participation.

The Three Gatekeepers to Open Network

1. Finishing Open Network preparation: The Pi Core Team takes the lead on this technical, product, and business/legal hurdle. Most of the work involves milestones listed in the V2 Roadmap, though some aspects deemed sensitive remain classified under “stealth projects” for later unveil. Completion of this condition appears to be on track so far.

2. Network KYC, migration, and utility creation: This condition focuses on user engagement and building a robust ecosystem. Pi needs to onboard a critical mass of users verified through Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and foster diverse applications for its Pi cryptocurrency within the network. This aligns with Pi’s vision of an inclusive peer-to-peer ecosystem powered by its digital currency. Specific target milestones for user participation have been laid out in the roadmap, taking feasibility within 2024 into account.

3. Uncontrollable external factors: While Pi can diligently pursue the first two conditions, some aspects remain beyond its direct control. Changes in global regulations, unforeseen technological challenges, or broader economic shifts could potentially impact the timeline.

Pi Network’s Open Network roadmap offers a glimpse into the project’s ambition to bring its cryptocurrency to the wider world. However, the three conditions, especially the user-driven ones, present significant challenges. The success of this ambitious plan hinges on the collective efforts of the Pi community, developers, and the Core Team, while remaining adaptable to any external roadblocks.

Pi’s journey towards an Open Network promises to be exciting, but not without its hurdles. Only time will tell if the vision becomes reality in 2024, but one thing’s for sure: the stakes are high for Pi and its millions of eager participants. Read More

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