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Pi Network: Mainnet launch preparation update; mass Mainnet migration ongoing

As the Pi Network Mainnet approaches launch date date, a lot of activities marking as preparation for the open network, migration of mobile mined Pi ongoing.

Pi Network will transition to the Open Network phase of Mainnet, taking down the firewall from the Enclosed Network phase, after mass Mainnet migration takes place and the Pi Ecosystem has evolved sufficiently.

In order to connect to the Pi Mainnet, for example, or to other networks, this will enable external connectivity. By removing the firewall, community Mainnet Pi Nodes will be able to operate the Mainnet blockchain and enable direct access to it.

The previous Pi year saw significant growth and development for Pi Network. The expansion of the app ecosystem, the imminent Mainnet migration, and the switch to Open Network are all generating enthusiasm in the community. In contrast to other cryptocurrency networks, Pi has benefitted from significant community support since its inception.

Pioneers provided valuable feedback as the network developed and iteratively improved its technology and product while they mined Pi on their phones, contributing to the network’s security and growth. With so much to look forward to, the upcoming Pi year is crucial and requires Pioneers to provide the network even more diversified contributions in order to succeed.


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