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Pi Network: four most popular ecosystem tools since the unveiling of the Pi Network in 2019

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As Mainnet continues to expand, Pioneers will be supported by a growing ecosystem of apps and features that Pi Network created and made available in 2021.

1. Pi Browser: In order to provide Pioneers and community developers with a more direct and open Pi Utilities platform to engage with and build upon, the Pi Browser was released in April 2021. Pioneers have access to the Pi KYC app as well as additional apps made by local app developers through the Pi Browser. Pioneers will be able to spend Pi on the apps of their choice as the ecosystem creates more and more apps with practical use cases and functionality.

Since the Pi Browser’s debut, numerous feature upgrades and improvements have been made, including notifications and deep linking. Over the upcoming year, more features will continue to be developed and released.

Pi Wallet: On Pi Day 2021, the Pi Wallet was unveiled, giving Pioneers a noncustodial way to save their Pi. When it was first released, the Wallet gave Pioneers the ability to use Test-Pi transactions to communicate with the Testnet blockchain. The Pi Wallet has been upgraded so that Pioneers can access the Mainnet and Testnet blockchains and get ready to receive their Pi balance on the Mainnet in order to aid the community’s transition to Mainnet.

3. Brainstorm App: Just before Pi Day in 2021, the Brainstorm App was released. This platform allows Pioneers to share ideas for Pi Apps, join already-existing projects, and network with other Pioneers to join their projects. The Brainstorm App underwent numerous modifications and feature adjustments throughout the course of the year in order to host the massive international online hackathon and UI upgrades based on user feedback. Keep a watch out for some exciting news that will be revealed later this year as more upgrades to Brainstorm will be made in 2022!

On Pi2Day (June 28), 2021, the Pi SDK, which enables programmers to create applications that interface with the Pi Ecosystem, was made available.

As a result, developers now have access to the Pi Blockchain to produce payments and the Pi servers to verify Pioneers’ approved information. For the following year, new features are being developed that will provide programmers’ programs more functionality.

4. Pi Blockexplorer: In October 2021, the Pi Blockexplorer was first released in order to make the Testnet visible. Pioneers have also had access to inspect transactions, accounts, and blocks on the Mainnet blockchain since since the Mainnet launch. Pioneers have access to their Pi balance, the current status of a transaction, and information on the Pi blockchain in general.

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