Pi Network: Core Team gear up efforts to scale up mass KYC to more Pioneers before Mainnet in 2023

As stated in the Pi Network white paper, without KYC validation all mined Pi will be wasted or rather burnt. So in an attempt to address this issue, the Core Team has geared up their efforts to scale up mass KYC slots to more Pioneers before the launch date for the mainnet which is speculated to go live in the early months of 2023.

The update has been tweeted by the Core Team through the official twitter handle of the Team @PiCoreTeam. The tweet reads:

“KYC Update is up on the Pi mining app home screen! Check it out for some insight on the Core Team’s efforts to scale mass KYC to more and more Pioneers.”

Pioneers can migrate their Pi balance to Mainnet in the future by completing KYC, which allows them to confirm their identities. The KYC solution employs a distinct decentralized strategy, integrating automated processes and human verification, to ensure that KYC is correct and effective for everyone.

Though the KYC system achieves accessibility, scalability for millions of users, and extensive coverage of varied populations while optimizing for accuracy and privacy. Between testing phases, the team worked on a number of features and versions, including enhanced obfuscation algorithms that conceal a Pioneer’s data from human validators, liveness checks that confirm that a real person is applying, enhanced processing speed to guarantee prompt upload of Pioneers’ documents, and much more.

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