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Pi Network: Ahead of the Mainnet launch, Core Team announced another hackathon in January 2023

T.I Ukende
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On December 15, the Pi Network team announced the next Hackathon via a message delivered to the Pi Community via the Pi App.

The second official Hackathon, according to Pi Network, will start on January 9, 2023. The Pi Core team and the Pi Community are prepared to start the new year after three fruitful university hackathons in October 2022.

The Pi Core Team is now more focused on the launch of the Open Mainnet and the progression of millions of user KYC verifications, which is why this Hackathon is starting now.

The community has several incentives to build and deliver in advance of the Open Mainnet. The group also asked the Pi Community to post suggestions for new projects on the message boards. The Pi Chat was another place where interested parties could submit ideas and vote for ones they wanted to try.

The Pi Hackathon is expected to draw a wide range of ideas. There is already a thriving ecosystem of shops, games, and other companies in the community, which has close to 38 million users.

Already, proposals are being made by the Pi Community. several concepts, including Pi Social Media and Pi Map. Suggestions for transactions like the QR Code are perhaps what Pi Network needs the most. More ways to enable transactions and a way to offboard into fiat are both urgently needed by the Pi Community.

In case you are not aware

The goal of Pi Network, a mobile blockchain mining startup, is to make the cryptocurrency revolution accessible to everyone. A group of Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who created a mobile-friendly blockchain mining algorithm launched the project back in 2019.

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