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Pi Network: Core Team currently finishing up the enclosed mainnet infrastructure

Grace Owell
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The Pi Network has a distinctively active ecology with more than 35 million users in hundreds of nations.

Before launching its open mainnet ecosystem, the Pi team is currently finishing up the enclosed mainnet infrastructure. The team is striving to KYC as many members as it can during this migration phase.

The Pi creators have developed a method to KYC a million individuals in a month using AI and machine learning as part of the open mainnet launch. For any user to start using the closed mainnet, KYC is a prerequisite.

Some of the key components of the Pi Network Ecosystem are outlined here:

  • Social Network: millions of global users.
  • Users can mine Pi for free.
  • Can mine Pi directly on your phone.
  • Pi Browser App.
  • Web browser access.
  • Pay Pi to Get ID Verified and KYC for Mainnet.
  • KYC System to Prevent Scam Accounts.
  • Pi Node creation.
  • Dozens of Pi Community Groups.
  • Peer to Peer Economy.
  • No fiat connection.
  • Global chat system available in over 60+ languages.

Expected Features for the Pi Network Open Mainnet

  • BNB Chain and additional chains via the Pi Bridge.
  • Improved Web3 Dapps on a Decentralized Pi Network.
  • Exchange of fiat money for PI tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Chengdiao Fan and Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, the creators of the Pi Network, joined the Crypto 101 Podcast via YouTube on November 13 to answer listener questions and discuss the Pi Network’s mission.

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