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Pi Network: Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan didn’t raise anticipation for the launch of the mainnet; the journey ahead may still be far

Grace Owell
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Over the past three years, Pi Network has grown organically to include over 30 million users. Since December 2021, a lot of users have been waiting for the official mainnet to launch, but delays have kept them waiting.

After the enclosed mainnet launched in December 2021, a significant blog post from the Pi Core team updated the community and provided a status report on the mainnet in March 2022. This blog post foresaw the launch of the open mainnet in either March or June 2022.

Many Pi Community members are now seeking solutions as of December 2022. Inconveniences with KYC are making the enclosed mainnet take longer than anticipated. Furthermore, there may still be a delay.

The CRYPTO 101 Podcast’s recent discussion with Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan, co-founders of the Pi Network, did little to raise anticipation for the launch of the mainnet. See an excerpt from the tweet below where Fan projects that the Pi Network idea will advance over the next two to three years.

A prominent member of the Pi Network community named Edycabas offers a negative outlook on the project for the upcoming six months.

The lack of a fiat connection to the Pi Network is another factor contributing to the anxiety felt by many initiatives. Without finance, many projects struggle to locate donors, legitimize their endeavors, and create communities.

“Because Pi has no value during the closure of the main network, and the exchange of legal currency is also prohibited. And the time of the opening of the main network is unknown, so all application development teams are facing a common problem, the problem of funds,”

Many seasoned and dedicated Pioneers are now experiencing headaches due to recent validator concerns.

To their credit, the Pi Network Core Team has maintained constant contact with the Pi Community. Even Core team members have been assigned as contacts for important Pi projects. Transparency has been present.

And despite everything, many Pi Community members are sticking with it and enduring the challenging market conditions.

Many projects and consumers are still pressured by the constant delays despite having millions of members and hollow promises of practical services. The Pi Network team should consider releasing another significant update to allay community worries.

The complete interview between Bryce Paul of the Crypto 101 Podcast and Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan, co-founders of the Pi Network, is available below.

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